Anahita ™ Social Networking Engine 1.5.4 Birth Release is available for download

This birth release contains a number of essential bug fixes, database index improvements, as well as improvements to the core Anahita framework library required for the upcoming Anahita Photos and Connect birth release social apps. You can download the Anahita social networking engine 1.5.4 from here.

If you are upgrading from a previous birth release of Anahita you can download the update package from this page. Make sure to make a file and database backup before doing the following 3 steps:

  1. Login  to the Anahita administration back-end
  2. Go to Extend > install/uninstall
  3. Choose the upgrade package from your desktop and press “Upload file & install”

The following is the change log for the Anahita 1.5.4 birth release:

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note?>

===Version 1.5.4===
^ Replaced component_and_type with type index on the node table
# Fixed the bug that OneToMany Relationship Materilizes uses data to create relationship whereas it could always use the passed entity
- Removed the JAdministrator::purgeMessages();
# if a publish acl is not set for a person it is now set to admin by default except for publishing public message
# quick fix for the create view::createRoute to omit non-html format
^ Adjusted socialengien.css
^ Fancyuplaoder has new icons
# Fixed the bug with AnCsApplication::route() to redirect to the original URL
+ Added Com_Connect Login Buttons in the mod_login template override
+ Added login button to the com_user/login layout
^ the alphanum requirement for the password has been removed from the templates/shiraz/html/com_user/register/default.php

Update on the Anahita Social ™ Partners program

Yaletown, 2-May-09

Cherry Blossoms outside our Studio in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC.

Since our initial launch during the last week we have received numerous encouraging and inspiring emails from people and companies who have shown interest in joining the Anahita Social ™ Partners program and get involved with the project. We are so thrilled to know that our project has been receiving attention and not to mention. Actually Anahitapolis has received over 1850 page views within the first few days of launch which is not bad at all.

We are currently working to put together a practical program which could bring value to the both sites: those who wish to micro-fund this project as partners and of course the Anahita Social Engine ™ core development team who need to continue developing this technology.

We are aiming to post the information this week and those of you who have contacted us already will be the first to be notified.