Anahita Social Networking Engine ™ Alpha3 is now available to the tribe of partners

Almost 100 days after the alpha2 release we now have made the Anahita Social Networking Engine ™ 1.0 alpha 3 codename Red Angelica available to the Anahita tribe of partners. We have also updated Anahitapolis with the most recent code in the trunk including a number of updated social apps: Anahita Social ™ Groups, Discussions, and Photos. That’s right! We are now aiming to have the Beta release ready.

We usually make the code that is one release behind available for free download, therefore Anahita Social Networking Engine ™ alpha2 code will be made available on our website in a few days for those who enjoy reading code and experimenting.

What’s New in the 1.0 Alpha3

During the last 3 months we have updated the Anahita ™ code  to work with Nooku Framework 0.7 revision 2536, rewrote Anahita Social ™ Photos and Discussions to work based on the new Anahita actor node architecture, and started developing two new social applications: Anahita Social ™ Connect and Groups. The latter is currently being used for delivering support and services to the Anahita partners.

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Beware of the fake Anahita Partners and WARES websites

Photo by azn_racer_fan

It has been brought to our attention that some websites are making false claims to be Anahita Partners or Official Translation Partners. If any website is publicly making such a claims and their names are not listed here we do not recognize them as partners. They are fakes.

There are also many websites that are distributing the Anahita Social Engine ™ source code and require you to register for an account. There is no need for you to do that when you can download your own free copy here. It is code released under the GPL2 and you are not required to register for any accounts. Please keep in mind that code distributed from the WARES websites could be laced with malicious code. Don’t do that to yourself.

Officially Out of the realm of the old architecture

A while ago we have released the Anahita Social Engine ™ 0.9.4 to the tribe of partners. The new social engine code has been rewritten from ground up based on a Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture and domain driven design. We are happy to announce that 2 of the main social applications – Anahita Social ™ Photos and Anahita Social ™ Discussions – have also been rewritten based on the new framework and platform and we are now officially done with the old code and looking forward to build all the upcoming extensions and social apps based on the new Anahita Social Engine ™ architecture.

Anahita Social ™ Photos - Album View

Our hard work is already paying off. Now it takes way less code to develop social apps and the written code is even more organized and easier to maintain. It is indeed a lot of fun developing social apps using Anahita and Nooku Frameworks!

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Marking the 3000+ Code Commits

Last week we have made the alpha release of Anahita 0.9.4 available to the people and companies in the Anahita tribe of partners. This release did take a lot longer that we have estimated because this released wasn’t simply an overhaul of the previous release. We have rewritten the entire framework and platform from scratch based on a new design philosophy and that took us more than 400 hours of development hours.

We have also passed 3000 code commits to our repository (currently at revision 3077). That means over 1500 development hours since we have started coding together this project over a year ago. Anahita has gradually become the center piece and focus of our business as a commercial open source project that is enjoying a healthy organic growth.

The Anahita project team

(Right to left: Ash, Talia, and Myself) Many thanks to our friends at the for making these shirts and presenting the Anahita project at the JoomlaDay, Rome, Italy

We didn’t get the chance to make a blog announcement last week (only tweeted here and here). After releasing the code packages to our tribe members, we all immediately started testing, debugging, and reviewing our task lists and planning for the stable release date. I was simply too distracted and excited to focus on writing a blog announcement.

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There is a bit of a line up for Partner’s Inquiries

I’ve got about 40 emails in my mailbox. Some have been accumulating during the holiday season and also we got quite a few inquiries last night after our previous post from developers and companies who showed interest in joining the Anahita’s tribe of partners.

Working from Raw Canvas Cafe right outside our Studio

I often like to have a bit of conversation with every prospect to learn more about their projects, what they do, to see whether we have much to offer to them. In the mean time we are really busy with the development of the Anahita 0.9.4 release and in between our break time we find some time to answer back to your emails. I’d like to make sure that all of them are answered within the next 5-7 days. If you have explained more about yourself, your company, and your project you are more likely to be contacted first. Emails that are only one-line or less are going to have to wait a bit longer.

Almost all the emails are filled with kind and encouraging words, thank you so much for all of your support and the fact that you take the time to write to us. I remember one person sent us some beautiful pictures of where he lived plus many good wishes.

We can’t wait to make the Anahita code available to you and see what the collective intelligence of all of us will create as a result.