Anahita Birth Release 4.1 is now available

Writing the announcement for #Anahita 4.1 Birth release

Whenever we reach a new milestone in our journey, it feels amazing and we cannot wait to tell you all about it. So what was accomplished during the last 4 months?

  1. all the mootools code has been removed and the entire javascript library of Anahita has been rewritten from ground up in JQuery.
  2. tinyMCE editor has been removed and instead we have developed a custom HTML5 editor that is very lightweight
  3. improved how content is rendered in posts
  4. simplified and improved the social graph API
  5. new drag’n drop multiple file uploader in the photos app
  6. HTML5 form verifications
  7. further user interface improvements for mobile and desktop users
  8. cover images for Actor profiles

I am going to tell you how to upgrade to Anahita 4.1 first and then go through the 7 items one by one:

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