Anahita 4.3 Embryo release is in the master branch

English Bay WestEnd, Vancouver, BC, Canada
English Bay WestEnd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

It is official that the Anahita 4.3 Embryo release is now in the master branch and we are currently using on on our live website. From this point we will be further bug fixing and polishing the code towards a stable Birth release.

Anahita 4.3 is the first stand alone Anahita codebase that doesn’t have any Joomla code in it. We no longer have an administration back-end. It is all happening in the front-end and developed using the native Anahita framework. Since version 3.0 that we started removing the Joomla code from Anahita codebase, it’s been reduced by 40% in size even though we’ve been adding new features such as hashtag, mention, and location graphs.

There will be more updates regarding this release on our blog, so stay tuned.

Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

We have just merged our code with the master branch and now officially announcing the Anahita 4.2.0 Embryo release with LocationGraph. That’s right we can now tag actors (people, group, etc.) and media nodes with locations. Anahita allows more than one locations to be added to a node. Here is the LaunchAcademy location node on our website.

Tagging a photo with locations in Anahita

This is the first iterations of this feature which relies on Google maps services. We have considered Open Street Maps but this integration is yet to be implemented. LocationGraph was implemented ahead of schedule by request of few Anahita tribe members who’ve had contributed financially to fund the development of this feature.

The code is now on our Github repository. Being an Embryo release, this is a code that we will be using for a while on our website while making the final improvements and adjustments before it is stable and ready to be tagged as a Birth release.

That’s it for now. There will be more blog posts about this release.

Anahita 4.1 Embryo Release is now available

Anahita 4.1 Embryo Release is now available

We have been quiet for a while and working hard for the past 4 month. It may not seem like a lot of changes on the surface, but we have rewritten the entire Anahita javascript library in JQuery in this release and we have done a lot of optimization using CSS3 and HTML5. The current Birth release of Anahita is still using Mootools which served us well for some time, until it became a major obstacle for us to move forward. We want to rebuild all of our user interfaces for mobile users first and technologies such as Bootstrap or ZurbFoundation and they all use JQuery by default. Most developers also prefer JQuery as their javascript library of choice. We want to give them tools that they love to use.

You can fork the Anahita 4.1 Embryo release from our GitHub account. This is a code we currently use to power our own website. That is how we discover the remaining bugs and fix them until the codebase is stable and we will have a Birth release after that. If you’ve found any bugs, please report them on our Project or Tribe Support groups.

Anahita HTML5 wysiwyg editor

Other changes and improvement in 4.1 release are:

  1. The new javascript library is 20% smaller in compressed form.
  2. Started to use Grunt to automate tasks such as compressing javascript files. Yes we love our command line tools.
  3. a new lightweight HTML5 wysiwyg editor for apps such as topics or pages
  4. new photo uploader in the Photos app
  5. improved InfinitScroll and masonry layout for all the stream. We are now using CSS3 to create masonry layout and the InfinitScroll javascript code is much lighter and more efficient now.

If you want to track the progress of all 4.* releases check out the Anahita 4.* Vision page

We are now bug fixing all the way until we have a Birth release. The next 2 releases afterwards will be focusing on MobileFirst user experience and removing all the remaining legacy Joomla code from Anahita. That means by version 4.3 we will have a lean and mobile friendly social networking platform to build our knowledge sharing apps on.


We also want to thank the contributors from Anahita tribes especially Nick Swinford and the wonderful people in the rmdStudio team who have provided all kinds of help in terms of code or expertise to make this release happen.

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Anahitapolis is now using the 3.0 Embryo codebase

Johan Janssens, Ash, and Rastin at the Mozilla WebFWD mixer party

Three weeks ago during our WebFWD graduation we updated Anahitapolis with the 3.0 Embryo codebase. As for every embryo release update goes, a lot of bugs get introduced to the system and due to some fundamental changes on how content are presented our navigation and a lot of links were broken. A lot of those issues are fixed now. In this release we have decided to make very little use of the legacy content management and module features provided by Joomla in Anahita, because they will be removed eventually. Instead we have developed a native Anahita component to develop many of the landing pages on our site. Homepage included.

This release provides some fundamental changes and features for example we now have a global search capable of searching all types of Anahita nodes (notes, topics, pages, photos, people, groups, etc.). You heard that right I said notes. That Anahita stories are now only pointers to different types of medium nodes and what used to be known as “story update” is now a “posted note” which is the most basic form of Anahita medium node.

We have also taken out the legacy joomla com_user from Anahita and use our own native authentication system. The native Anahita authentication also provides RESTful authentication which comes really handy especially if you are building a mobile app that uses Anahita as the server side infrastructure and requires user authentication.

Overall the Anahita 3.0 makes very little use of legacy joomla code in the frontend. We will be taking out more of Joomla code in the upcoming releases until we have a completely lean and light platform using native Anahita code.

We are currently in the process of migrating all the Anahita code to our Github repository and rewriting our development tools and scripts to work with Git. As as soon as the Github migration is done, then we will get started on fixing all the existing bugs towards a stable 3.0 birth release. Please don’t ask when the 3.0 Birth release will be ready, because your answer is clear: when it is ready and not a moment before.

In the meantime the Anahita tribe members are doing a wonderful job reporting the bugs to us. We are so thankful for their contribution! This is great help for us.


Anahita 1.6 Embryo Is Released

#Anahita 1.6 Embryo Release Announcement
We also need to start a kickstarter fund to help Ash shave his beard

Last weekend we spent 26 hours to update Anahitapolis with the Anahita 1.6 codebase. After a week of receiving bug reports from the premium tribe members and fixing issues we now have packages available to the premium tribe to download and install for evaluation purpose.

This update also includes Embryo releases for 7 of our flagship social apps: Groups, Discussions, Photos, Todos, Pages, Subscriptions, and Connect. A number of supporting extensions and plugins have also been updated for the 1.6 release. All the updated apps and extensions are now being used on our website.

The Anahita Premium Tribe members have been great help to us with their bug reports, feedbacks, encouraging words, and most important of all their patience. Thank you folks, you guys are incredible!

Aiming for the Anahita 1.7 Birth release

Anahita 1.6 is a transition release from 1.5 to 1.7 which means we are now officially aiming for the Anahita 1.7 Birth release. Anahita 1.6 and 1.7 provide a much leaner and more powerful API and framework for developing social networking applications. That means you can build your social networking projects in less time and achieve higher performance speed while building on a solid and correct infrastructure. If you are a startup, that means you get reach your goals in a lot less time and save hundreds of hours worth of resources.

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