Anahita 1.5.11 Birth Release Update Available for Download

You can receive this updates either from the Anahita Bazaar in the administration back-end of your Anahita installation, or by downloading and installing the Anahita update and application packages one by one.

DO MAKE SURE to make both file and database backups before applying the updates to your Anahita installation.

This minor update provides a number of bug fixes in the core libraries as well as a number of user interface and usability improvements. To name a few:

We have added a Visual and HTML editor API which is reusable in Anahita Apps. This editor is custom developed for the social networking posts and only provides the type of tags that are most commonly used in comments, topics, pages, and etc. within the body of the user generated content.

Anahita Visual Editor
Anahita Visual Editor
Anahita HTML Editor
Anahita HTML Editor

Currently Anahita ™ Discussions and Pages apps are using the editor which makes it a lot easier for all types of users to add bold, italic, block quote, and other types of stylings in their posts.

Anahita Comments
More minimalist and user friendly comments

We have also changed the way comments are displayed so they take up less height. Before users had to go to the action list on top of the comment list and click on the “Comment” action before they could comment. Now they can go to the bottom of the comment list and click on the highlighted “Add a comment” area for the commenting box to appear.

New Photos and Album Stories
New Photos and Album Stories

When you upload new photos or create a new album, this is how the new stories are displayed. Of course the story items can be commented on.

What else should be updated?

We recommend that after you update the Anahita Social Networking Engine, you also update Anahita Shiraz template and the apps: Groups, Discussions, Photos, and Todos.

If you are using a template other than shiraz or a custom social app that you have developed yourself, you’ll probably have to update them too.

Change Logs

The following are the change logs.


* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
– -> Removed
! -> Note

Anahita Social Networking Engine

===Version 1.5.11===
+ Added a ptag filter for text-based HTML editor
^ the @content( method used to prepare node description fields is now wrapping text blocks in p tags
+ ul and ol tags inside the story body now have left padding
# large images within comments now have max-width styling
+ Added html/quick tag editor
+ Added overtext to add comment
# Fix playing flash video in IE
# An actor list view always show regardless of the profile privacy. This allows for the socialgraph actions to render even if an actor profile is not visable
# Privacy Form display an activity indicator when submting in ajax post
+ Added comment prompt for when a user can't comment either because they're guest/not following or the comment is closed
- checking for the banners folder was removed from the systeminfo in the back-end
+ profile actor info fields now recognize endline in the sentences
+ profile actor info fields textarea now have a height of 100px
^ Person date of birth no longer has endlines before and after it
^ instances of "My" are changed to "Viewer's" in the menu item entry points to the com_socialengine
^ search now happens in the nobe body as well as the name or title
^ css class .an-se-medium-description in socialengine.css now has word-wrap: break-word

Anahita Groups

===Version 1.3.2===
# pagination link was constructed wrong. It is fixed now

Anahita Discussions

===Version 1.2.3===
^ all description fields are now using @content
- white-space: pre-wrap; has been removed from the discussions.css for styling the description fields
^ topic form is now 380px height
- RSS link from the board view has been removed
^ if no boards are created, no boards selector shows on the topic form
^ comment story item now includes the name of the owner as well

Anahita Photos

===Version 1.4.2===
^ all description fields are using @content( to render
^ on photo read view the names of author and editor are now shown in the additional info area
^ images within the story feed are now larger
^ new album story is now showing the medium size cover and up to 5 image square thumbnails in the album
+ in upload.js timeLimit has been increased to 60 and the fileListMax is limited to 10
^ profile gadget translation has changed. Instead of "Photo Stream" it says "Photos"
+ Added a photo uploader HTML fallback
# Fixed the photo count after a photo delete

Anahita Todos

===Version 1.2===
^ all description fields are now using @content(
- an-se-text-body class tag has been removed for all the description fields
^ milestones are sorted by endDate DESC
+ added blank component module to the todo-item default view
# closing and openning todo-items without parents was causing an error.

New Update packages for the Anahita and Birth Release Apps

We have new update packages available for the Anahita ™ social networking engine and Anahita ™ Groups, Discussions, and Photos birth releases that provide a number of improvements and critical bug fixes. We do recommend that you update the Anahita ™ before upgrading any of the social applications.

Important Note: do make a back up of your entire installation and database before applying the upgrade packages.

Updating Anahita ™

  • Download the latest update package of Anahita ™ from here
  • In your installation of Anahita ™ go to administrator backend: Extend > Install/Uninstall
  • Select and package zip file and upload

Updating Anahita ™ Social Apps

To upgrade any of the Anahita ™ Groups, Discussions, or Photos applications do as following:

  • Download the latest update package of Anahita ™ Groups, Discussions, or Photos applications. Please note that the same package can be used for first time install or upgrading from an older install.
  • In your installation of Anahita ™ go to the administrator backend: Extend > Install/Uninstall
  • Select and package zip file and upload

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Status of Anahita in the first quarter of 2011

I love vanocuver

Vancouver, BC, Canada

We would like to share with you what we have accomplished during the first 3 months of 2011 and what will be coming next for the 2nd quarter of this year.

Four Birth Releases

That’s right we’ve had 4 birth releases since the beginning of the 2011. The first one was the Anahita 1.5 which was made available for download on January 18th. To the surprise of many who were expecting to download just a Joomla component, Anahita was in fact a distro made out of 3 powerful frameworks (Anahita, Nooku, and Gantry) packaged in a stripped down version of Joomla as the container. (Please Read: Anahita is not a joomla extension).

The other 3 birth releases are Anahita Groups, Discussions, and Photos that we consider the essential apps. In fact right now we have all the stable building blocks for launching a simple but powerful social network that follows the correct NGS (Nodes-Graphs-Stories) architecture.

Launch of Anahitapolis is the home of Anahita project. Some people by mistake use Anahita and Anahitapolis interchangeably. Anahitapolis is the mother ship where the Anahita software is developed, distributed, and supported.

The Anahitapolis website used to be a Joomla Powered information website plus an Anahita powered social network in the background which we have been seeding with the very first community members. People and companies who were interested in the Anahita project were contacting us, expecting to see a demo, and in exchange they were given actual accounts on a young and thriving social network were all the profiles were real people and organizations.

Then we decided to merge the information website and the social network. The idea was to power everything with Anahita only. From late December last year and early January we launched the unified Anahitapolis website in 3 stages. On January 18th when Anahita 1.5 birth release was made available, we officially started selling premium memberships plans.

Would you trust a company that isn’t using their own software? We are very proud to say that Anahitapolis is fully powered by the Anahita software (except this blog that is powered by WordPress). That’s right, we are giving you the  very same software that we are using ourselves to manage Anahita projects and offer support to our premium members.

The First Tribe

In the early days of working on the Anahita project we have been keeping a low profile for a while. Despite that some people and companies who were interested in our project found their way through using our network of clients, friends, partners, email or just adding us on Skype! By the suggestion of Mr. Johan Janssens (Joomla co-founder, Nooku founder) we created the Anahita Partner’s Program which essentially granted code and information access to these companies and people for a period of one year in exchange for a fee. They could observe the project as it was going on, ask us questions, provide feedback, etc. The price of the partner’s plan was only $500 however the financial contributions from the Anahita partners grew to the point that almost half of the 2600 development hours were funded by the tribe of partners.

To show our appreciations to the Anahita partners we started their membership period from the official launch date of Anahita on Jan 15th 2011 and doubled their period of membership (2 years). The partners who publicly announced their support for the Anahita project by having their names listed on our website received 2.5 years of free membership. We also renamed the Anahita Partners tribe to The First Tribe. These people and companies are our heroes and we must say the Anahita project couldn’t have reached where it is today if it wasn’t because of their support.

We have created this permanent page for the First Tribe members who have publicly supported the Anahita project.

Integration with the RocketTheme templates and extensions

In December 2010 we started using the Gantry Framework for the Anahita social networking engine and released the Shiraz template as a blueprint for the Anahita developers and template designers. On Feb. 1st we collaborated with the team to make sure their new social template called Tachyon was compatible with the Anahita and current social apps.

RocketTheme Tachyon Template and Anahita Groups

RocketTheme is truly the best template club in the world. They are always pushing the limits in what improvements can be done in user interface design, themes, and templates. Their team is so much fun to work with and our collaboration with them has been such a great experience.

We are also big fans of RocketTheme extensions and a number of them such as RokStories, RokTabs, RokNavMenu, and RokBox are quite compatible with the Anahita and some of them are currently being used on the Anahitapolis website. We would like to continue collaborating with the RT team and make sure that many of their great templates and extensions that can be used within a social networking website remain compatible with Anahita.

Plans for the 2nd Q this year

After having 4 birth releases our immediate plan is to invest some time in improving the Anahita templates (Shiraz, Tachyon, etc.) as well as making sure that our other existing embryo (pre-stable) social apps such as Anahita Connect, Subscriptions, and Projects become birth releases.

We are in preparation to discard Joomla! as the web platform and use the Nooku Server instead. Nooku Server provides a leaner and more efficient architecture suited for building next generation technologies such as Anahita.

We are also improving and further developing the Anahita’s core so our new collection of social apps and features can be developed.

As user generated content is growing fast on Anahitapolis website, there is a need for decent folksonomy and content search infrastructure. After the 2nd Q of this year we would like to be able to share, tag, or vote on Anahita story and media nodes as well as having the ability to associate them with geographical locations.

As always Anahita Premium members are often the first to be notified about the details of all the upcoming projects. We’ve always tried to maintain the culture of “Build first, Brag later” in this project. As we are building and innovating forward, the public will be informed about them as well.



Anahita™ Discussions 1.0 Birth Release is now available

Rastin and Ash the Anahita Core Development Team

This is the second Anahita™ social application that reaches the Birth release. Anahita™ Discussions is one of the first application that we have been using for over 9 months to provide support on Anahitapolis and it has been evolving fast since.

Anahita Discussions - Topics

Anahita™ Discussions is an extremely light weight social app for people to create topics and comment on them. The main difference between Anahita™ Discussions and the traditional discussion boards is the fact that it integrates seamlessly with the Anahita™ social networking engine and it is especially developed for the social networking context.

Anahita Discussions - Privacy Settings

Instances of Anahita™ Discussions work within the groups and people profiles. Group administrators have the right to set privacy permissions or moderate the topics within their own domain. In this fashion the task of moderation and administration is distributed amongst the community members.

Anahita Discussions - Commenting on the topics from the Story Feed

As people follow more groups, all the incoming topics and comments from those groups show up on their dashboard. It is also possible to comment on a topic right from the dashboard’s story feed without having to visit a group.

Anahita Discussions - Leaders Topics

As the last touch we have added a layout that enables a person to view or search all the incoming topics from the groups and people profiles that they are following.

In the upcoming releases of Anahita™ as we are developing the libraries for tagging and folksonomy, all the topics within a discussion board can be tagged by the community members.

To learn more and download the Anahita™ Discussions social app visit this page

Anahita™ Groups 1.0 Birth release now available

This is the first birth release in the collection Anahita™ social applications and one of the most essential ones. We have been using the Anahita™ Groups for about 6 months now to provide service and support to the Anahitapolis members. The only problem was that until recently only the website administrators were able to create and maintain groups. In the 1.0 Birth release any of user types within the system, depending on the configuration, can be allowed to create their own groups, assign administrators, and maintain them.

Anahita Groups Profile

An Anahita™ group profile is just like a person profile except that a group represents a collection of people coming together to collaborate and stay updated in regards with a shared goal or context. A group has:

  1. an avatar
  2. identity (title, description)
  3. a story feed
  4. a social graph
  5. a collection of social application that are available within it such as (Photos, Discussions, blogs, etc.)


Anahita Social Apps within a group

Instances of applications such as discussions, photos, blogs, etc. work within group and people profiles. A group can be followed just like how a person can be followed. A group is entitled to privacy just like a person is entitled to privacy. Group administrators have the option to remove or ban followers from a group.

To learn more about the Anahita™ Groups visit this page. Premium members can download the package and install it on the Anahita™ 1.5.3 and later.