Anahita ™ Connect Birth Release now available for download

Anahita ™ Co-Founders and Architects

We have one more birth release for you from the wonderful sunny vancouver. Anahita ™ Connect is that wonderful social app which allows on-click sign in to your Anahita powered social network using any of the: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn services.

Anahita ™ Connect

Anahita ™ Connect also allows you to broadcast your story updates to any of those 3 services not only from a person profile, but also a group profile can be linked to a twitter account.

OAuth - Anahita

This social app is basically the OAuth technology integration for the Anahita social networking engine. We have been using the Anahita Connect for a while on Anahitapolis and I’m telling you, we don’t think we can live without it anymore.

Where can you download it?

To learn more and download the Anahita ™ Connect social app go to this page.

Please keep in mind that you have to be a Premium Tribe member to download our open source applications. If you are not a Premium member, then what are you waiting for? Sign up now


The Dark Side of the Anahita

Group Profile

Until now the Anahita Shiraz template only came with a light theme. This month I had some time to develop the dark theme for the Shiraz template as well. Use the dark theme for your gaming, fashion, artistic, or that none-vanilla subculture lifestyle social networking project that you are about to launch and let your members experience the dark side of Anahita.

Person Profile

Photos - Album

Change Log

The following is the change log for the Anahita Shiraz template 1.2 Birth Release:


* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note?>


===Version 1.1===
^ hardcoded url for the favicon has been removed
^ manifest date, author, and desicription have been updated.
+ style2.css has been added
^ color codes have been moved to the anahita social networking engine and apps to the style1.css file
+ preset2.png icon in the admin/presets has been added
^ The preset2 info has been added to the gantry.config.php as the Dark theme

Do Update Your Shiraz Template

If you are using the default Shiraz template on your Anahita installation do update your Shiraz template. A lot of improvements and changes have been done in the new release that are necessary for the next releases of Anahita ™, Groups, Discussions, Photos, and Connect to render properly. For example all the css color codes have been removed from the Anahita™ and applications and instead they have been added to the Shiraz template. If you don’t upgrade your Shiraz template, the next time that you will be upgrading the Anahita™ and apps a lot of the colors will be missing until you upgrade your template.

To upgrade the Shiraz template, download the most recent copy of Anahita package from here and then go to the administration back-end of your Anahita Installation. Under Extend > Install/Uninstall select and upload your template zip file package.

Do Update Your Anahita Templates

If you have developed you own custom Anahita templates that are perhaps a derivative of Shiraz template, you very likely need to upgrade your css files so the next updates of Anahita social networking engine, Groups, Discussions, Photos, and Connect won’t won’t distort how your pages are rendered.

That is because all the css color codes from the Anahita™ and the existing applications have been moved to the new Shiraz template. To get a list of CSS tags that contained color codes (or styling images) checkout the style1.css and style2.css files in the css directory of the new Shiraz template.

What’s next?

In the upcoming releases of Anahita Shiraz template we would like to experiment with the iPhone friendly features of the Gantry framework so we can have pages that are more user friendly for the iPhone devices.

Anahita ™ Photos 1.0 Birth Release is available for download

Before I start, today is Vancouver’s 125th Birthday so Happy Birthday to our beautiful Vancouver the city that many great Sci-Fi TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Stargate, and X-Files were filmed here. City of coffee, sushi, and natural beauty.

Anahita ™ Photos is now a Birth release

This is perhaps my most favorite app in the collection of Anahita social applications. I do take a lot of pictures (Glamour, Dance, Music, and Drama) and I’ve always been inspired by platforms such as flickr, tumbler, and WordPress. One of my major pet peeves is that a lot of photo sharing services and applications out there are not really built for the visual artists who put a lot of time and effort into every individual work that they produce and instead geared towards people who upload batches of poorly shot vacation pictures into their albums.

Anahita Photos is developed as a photo blogging and sharing social application for those who share their stories using pictures rather than words. In this application every image receives individual respect and attention.

Anahita Photos is very versatile and it can be installed on both people and group profiles. Owners and authors can adjust the privacy settings per photograph, and it seamlessly integrates with the Anahita social networking engine. In the birth release of this social applications we have done quite a bit of optimization and usability enhancements based on the feedback we have received from the Anahitapolis members and our own observations. The following are the summary of some of the improvements:

Improved Multiple Photo Upload Workflow

We have improved the entire process of uploading multiple images and adding them to an existing or new album. The photo uploader is also now aware of the file size upload limit which is set by the website admin in the back-end.

Multiple File Upload

Select and upload a set of images files.

Create Album

After a batch of photos are uploaded you can create a new album to which all the newly uploaded photos will be added.

Select Album

Or simply select an existing album. After the photos are added to an album, then you are forwarded to the album page. It is also possible not to add the photos to any albums and skip this process all together.

The Photo Stream

The photo stream renders as a blog view. Photo titles and descriptions can be edited at this view. Simply click on the title or description positions and they’ll turn into editable fields. We have increased the width of the images displayed on this page to 620 pix so they look quite prominent. All the pagination is done in AJAX. The list of albums on the right column is sorted based on the last update time so every time that you add a photo to an album, the album moves to the top of the list.

Photo Stream


The Photo View

Every photo can be commented on (and tagged in the future releases). You can edit the title or description field by simply clicking on them. They’ll turn into editable fields. A photo can belong to more than one album. The albums are listed on the right column.

Photo View


Albums View

List of albums is displayed as a growing grid.

Albums View


The Album View

The album view layout has been redesigned to make better use of the space. In this view you can also edit the album’s title and description by simply clicking those fields to make them editable.

Album View


Album Slideshow

By clicking the “View Slideshow” link you can view the images within an album in a light box and navigate back and forth using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Remove photos from an album

You can change the cover an album by simply dragging and dropping one of the thumbnails over the album cover area.

Change Album Cover

You can also select multiple images and remove them from an album.

Edit Title

To edit the album’s title just simply click on the title field and it becomes editable.

Edit Description

To edit the album’s description just simply click on the description field and it becomes editable.

Where can we download it?

Our Premium Tribe members can download the Anahita ™ Photos from this page.

Not a Premium Tribe member yet?

You can sign up here and start using one of the most advanced social networking technologies ever built in the open source world.

Anahita™ Groups 1.0 Birth release now available

This is the first birth release in the collection Anahita™ social applications and one of the most essential ones. We have been using the Anahita™ Groups for about 6 months now to provide service and support to the Anahitapolis members. The only problem was that until recently only the website administrators were able to create and maintain groups. In the 1.0 Birth release any of user types within the system, depending on the configuration, can be allowed to create their own groups, assign administrators, and maintain them.

Anahita Groups Profile

An Anahita™ group profile is just like a person profile except that a group represents a collection of people coming together to collaborate and stay updated in regards with a shared goal or context. A group has:

  1. an avatar
  2. identity (title, description)
  3. a story feed
  4. a social graph
  5. a collection of social application that are available within it such as (Photos, Discussions, blogs, etc.)


Anahita Social Apps within a group

Instances of applications such as discussions, photos, blogs, etc. work within group and people profiles. A group can be followed just like how a person can be followed. A group is entitled to privacy just like a person is entitled to privacy. Group administrators have the option to remove or ban followers from a group.

To learn more about the Anahita™ Groups visit this page. Premium members can download the package and install it on the Anahita™ 1.5.3 and later.


Anahita™ Social Networking Engine 1.5 Birth release now available for download

We survived another sleepless week

We survived another week of sleep deprivation. Thank goodness for the organic coffee!

We are going to have many good news for you in 2011 and here is the first one. The Anahita™ social networking engine 1.5 Birth release codename Ambrosia is now available to the Anahitapolis™ paid members for download.  This is the package that is stable enough to be used for starting your social networking project and we will officially be supporting it from now on. is currently powered using the latest release of Anahita™.

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