Anahita 4.1.3 Birth release is available

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Greetings from the warm and sunny Vancouver! We have fixed a whole lot of bugs again. The Subscriptions App has also been updated. We are now using it on our production website. We have simplified the design for our own use. We will be doing a lot more development on this particular app. This is an important app for those of us who offer paid membership to our social networks.

Use the following command in the root of your Anahita installation to receive the updates:

composer update

Here is a summary of 4.1.3 change log:

  1. major updates to the Subscriptions app. We are now using it ourselves.
  2. fixed editable bug in Photos app set title and description
  3. removed access plugin from Subscriptions app
  4. deleted more Joomla legacy files such as com_cache
  5. added Pinnable behaviour so the Pages and Topics can use it
  6. fixed gist JQuery plugin which couldn’t parse multiple urls
  7. fixed favicon overwrite bug

Stay tuned for more updates. Anahita project is constantly moving forward at a steady pace.

New Anahita 4.1.2 maintenance update is available

Vancouver, Robson Street

Greetings from the sunny and beautiful Vancouver!

Since the Anahita 4.1.0 Birth release we’ve had 2 consecutive maintenance releases. We have fixed a number of bugs and made a lot of improvements for you. To get the latest updates simply SSH to the root directory of your Anahita installation and type the command:

composer update

Here are the fixes and improvements in the new update:

Anahita 4.1.2 Birth Release

  1. Upgraded the Connect app to comply with the recent Facebook and LinkedIn API changes.
  2. Fixed the inline edit and cancel bug which caused nested layers to be created
  3. Major upgrades done to the Subscriptions app. No it isn’t ready yet. It will be for the 4.1.3 or 4.1.3 releases.
  4. Discontinued the OpenSocial app, because it was about time to let go
  5. Apps can now be assignable to only specific type of actors. For example only people can use the Subscriptions app, at least for now.

Anahita 4.1.1 Birth Release

  1. You can now run the entire site with SSL on. Please do so!
  2. fixed infinite scroll bugs in social graph and other entities
  3. fixed notification scroll bug
  4. fixed permalinks in comment stories and notifications
  5. fixed the default list limit bug in the admin back-end
  6. lots of development on the Subscriptions app, but sorry it isn’t ready in this release yet.
  7. removed legacy force_ssl and implemented a global isSSL() auto detection method

What’s next?

Before we start working on the Anahita 4.2.* and Mobile First implementation, we are going to give some love to the Subscriptions and Connect apps. Those of you who are going to provide access to paid groups and learning material will benefit from these improvements.

Anahita 4.0.4 Birth Release is available

This is a maintenance release that fixes a number minor and major bugs in Anahita. The most important bug was preventing the navigation links on the administration back-end to work or the component forms to save. We have removed all the routing from the admin side links, because they really don’t need to be search engine friendly.

We are also in the process of skimming the administration back-end features until Anahita 4.3 where the admin side will be completely removed. The administration features will be made available in the front-end instead.

To update your Anahita installation simply use the “composer update” command in your root directory.

Anahita 4.0.1 Release is available

I am currently in Leuven, Belgium with the Nooku team and participating in the NookuJam14.

Here is a maintenance update for the Anahita 4.0 which contains a list of fixes:

  1. version number is updated
  2. the broken layout of Page read view is fixed
  3. added permission method to make sure that only those with the edit access can set the privacy of a medium node.

Use the command “composer update” in your installation’s root directory to receive the update.

Anahita 3.0.4 is now available

Anahita 3.0.4 Birth release is now available with a couple of bug fixes:

  • We now make sure that a username cannot have a number as the first character
  • YouTube and Vimeo links with both http and https now render properly

Please do a composer update to get the latest release.

The is would be the last release of Anahita 3.* we will be merging our development code and start the Anahita 4.0 Embryo release soon which will provide hashtags and improved search usability as well as some improvements in the core functionality.