Anahita Presented at the Joomla!Day Italy 2010 by Beyounic


We would like to thank our good friends and Anahita partners at the Beyounic for presenting the Anahita project at the Joomla!Day Italy 2010 on Saturday October 9th. While the Beyounic folks have been helping us promote this project in the Italian and European Joomla community, Ash and Myself have been busy working to get the next release of Anahita Social Engine and a new collection of Anahita Social Apps ready.

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The Beyounic team are the people who are developing the a social event management service developed using the Anahita and Nooku frameworks as well as the an online social media campaign tool developed using the Nooku Framework. The latter is a showcase proof of concept of the OAuth library that Beyounic has developed for the project



Thank you Nick Balestra, Luca Zerboni, and Romano Sensibile for the great presentation and contribution. You guys are amazing!

Officially Out of the realm of the old architecture

A while ago we have released the Anahita Social Engine ™ 0.9.4 to the tribe of partners. The new social engine code has been rewritten from ground up based on a Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture and domain driven design. We are happy to announce that 2 of the main social applications – Anahita Social ™ Photos and Anahita Social ™ Discussions – have also been rewritten based on the new framework and platform and we are now officially done with the old code and looking forward to build all the upcoming extensions and social apps based on the new Anahita Social Engine ™ architecture.

Anahita Social ™ Photos - Album View

Our hard work is already paying off. Now it takes way less code to develop social apps and the written code is even more organized and easier to maintain. It is indeed a lot of fun developing social apps using Anahita and Nooku Frameworks!

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Thank You For Presenting The Anahita Project

Ash and I would like to thank the Nooku and Beyounic teams for presenting the Anahita project at the Joomla Day Italia Rome and Nooku presentation. I must say nothing is more encouraging and energizing to us after long sleepless days of coding when a pack of truly awesome friends and brilliant minds spread the word for us with lots of enthusiasm half way across the planet. Ash and I feel truly blessed, appreciated and fortunate to meet and work with the Nooku (twitter: @nooku) and Beyounic (twitter: @beyounic) teams. Thank you for being so awesome 🙂