Anahita 4.1.5 delivers native and lightweight access control

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Canada place, Gastown, Vancouver

We’ve just accomplished the most challenging part of which had to do with removing legacy Joomla code from Anahita. We have removed the legacy user manager and ACL (access control list) from Anahita. Then we implemented a lightweight and native ACL for Anahita which only allows 4 access levels:

  1. public
  2. registered
  3. administrator
  4. super administrator

As you can see a social network doesn’t need too many hierarchies of user types. That is because a social network is a democratic and bottom-up system unlike content management systems that are built for top-down control (hence the word “management”).

Manage people in Anahita front-end

User management is now all done in the front-end and uses native Anahita code.

Anahita database schema in version 4.1.5

Through the process we have also dropped 6 tables from the database. We have also made further optimizations to make the database schema more organized.

Unfortunately we are still depending on JUser object. That is because in the administration back-end still relies on a lot of legacy Joomla code. The good news is that there isn’t much happening in the administration back-end anymore and by version 4.3 we will rebuild all the administration features in the front-end and completely remove the administration back-end. Then we will be able to completely remove all the legacy Joomla code from Anahita.

In the 4.1.5 release we have made a lot of improvement in the com_people component and prepared it for the time that it will function independently from JUser object.

Make sure that you make a database backup before upgrading to this release.  As you can see a lot of changes will be made to your database schema and by keeping a back-up you can recover from any unfortunate incidents. Otherwise enjoy this release. You will notice a performance improvement and there is less code on your server.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your installations:

  1. make a backup of your database

2. in the root of your Anahita installation run the following command to get the most recent code:

$ composer update

3. then run the following command to migrate up your database:

$ php anahita db:migrate:up

4. in the administration back-end go to the global configuration, turn cache off, save, turn cache on, save again. This will clear your cache.

5. login in the front-end of the site and see if everything is working. If you needed help, post your questions on our Tribe Support group so others can help you out.

Anahita 4.1.4 Birth release is available

English Bay, West End, Vancovuer

Greetings from the hot and sunny Vancouver. We have a new maintenance release which fixes some really important bugs. To get the updates please SSH to the root of your Anahita installation and type the commands:

$ composer update
$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Here is the change log for this release:

  1. fixed validation of whether an edge had the same node at both ends
  2. migration script to remove all the edges in the database which had the same node at both ends
  3. UI refinements
  4. migration script to change todos_todos table to InnoDB
  5. added an editable placeholder for the photos which had no title or description

Stay tuned for some exciting news that will be announced this week.

Anahita Birth Release 4.1 is now available

Writing the announcement for #Anahita 4.1 Birth release

Whenever we reach a new milestone in our journey, it feels amazing and we cannot wait to tell you all about it. So what was accomplished during the last 4 months?

  1. all the mootools code has been removed and the entire javascript library of Anahita has been rewritten from ground up in JQuery.
  2. tinyMCE editor has been removed and instead we have developed a custom HTML5 editor that is very lightweight
  3. improved how content is rendered in posts
  4. simplified and improved the social graph API
  5. new drag’n drop multiple file uploader in the photos app
  6. HTML5 form verifications
  7. further user interface improvements for mobile and desktop users
  8. cover images for Actor profiles

I am going to tell you how to upgrade to Anahita 4.1 first and then go through the 7 items one by one:

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Anahita 4.1 Embryo Release is now available

Anahita 4.1 Embryo Release is now available

We have been quiet for a while and working hard for the past 4 month. It may not seem like a lot of changes on the surface, but we have rewritten the entire Anahita javascript library in JQuery in this release and we have done a lot of optimization using CSS3 and HTML5. The current Birth release of Anahita is still using Mootools which served us well for some time, until it became a major obstacle for us to move forward. We want to rebuild all of our user interfaces for mobile users first and technologies such as Bootstrap or ZurbFoundation and they all use JQuery by default. Most developers also prefer JQuery as their javascript library of choice. We want to give them tools that they love to use.

You can fork the Anahita 4.1 Embryo release from our GitHub account. This is a code we currently use to power our own website. That is how we discover the remaining bugs and fix them until the codebase is stable and we will have a Birth release after that. If you’ve found any bugs, please report them on our Project or Tribe Support groups.

Anahita HTML5 wysiwyg editor

Other changes and improvement in 4.1 release are:

  1. The new javascript library is 20% smaller in compressed form.
  2. Started to use Grunt to automate tasks such as compressing javascript files. Yes we love our command line tools.
  3. a new lightweight HTML5 wysiwyg editor for apps such as topics or pages
  4. new photo uploader in the Photos app
  5. improved InfinitScroll and masonry layout for all the stream. We are now using CSS3 to create masonry layout and the InfinitScroll javascript code is much lighter and more efficient now.

If you want to track the progress of all 4.* releases check out the Anahita 4.* Vision page

We are now bug fixing all the way until we have a Birth release. The next 2 releases afterwards will be focusing on MobileFirst user experience and removing all the remaining legacy Joomla code from Anahita. That means by version 4.3 we will have a lean and mobile friendly social networking platform to build our knowledge sharing apps on.


We also want to thank the contributors from Anahita tribes especially Nick Swinford and the wonderful people in the rmdStudio team who have provided all kinds of help in terms of code or expertise to make this release happen.

Stay updated

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Anahita 4.0.4 Birth Release is available

This is a maintenance release that fixes a number minor and major bugs in Anahita. The most important bug was preventing the navigation links on the administration back-end to work or the component forms to save. We have removed all the routing from the admin side links, because they really don’t need to be search engine friendly.

We are also in the process of skimming the administration back-end features until Anahita 4.3 where the admin side will be completely removed. The administration features will be made available in the front-end instead.

To update your Anahita installation simply use the “composer update” command in your root directory.