The new Anahita Delivers Location Graph and More

Anahita Location Graph

We’ve just tagged the 4.2.0 Birth release on Github and thanks to financial contributions of 3 companies in Anahita tribes, we have finally implemented the location graph and search in the core framework. This feature was planned for future releases, but due to popular demand we decided to implement it ahead of time.

How to upgrade

make a file and database backup of your Anahita installation and then enter the following commands in the root of your Anahita installation to upgrade:

$ composer update
$ php anahita site:symlink
$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Please note: If you have a custom template, you need to rename the directories html/com_html/content to html/com_pages/page because the component com_html has been renamed to com_pages.

What’s new?

Here are the updates in the Anahita 4.2.0 Birth release:

Tag actors and media nodes with locations

Photo Locations - Anahita Location Graph

In this release actors and media nodes can be associated to location nodes. In Anahita you can associate more than one location to an actor or media node. Locations have unique urls that display recent and top nodes associated with them. Checkout these location pages:

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Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

We have just merged our code with the master branch and now officially announcing the Anahita 4.2.0 Embryo release with LocationGraph. That’s right we can now tag actors (people, group, etc.) and media nodes with locations. Anahita allows more than one locations to be added to a node. Here is the LaunchAcademy location node on our website.

Tagging a photo with locations in Anahita

This is the first iterations of this feature which relies on Google maps services. We have considered Open Street Maps but this integration is yet to be implemented. LocationGraph was implemented ahead of schedule by request of few Anahita tribe members who’ve had contributed financially to fund the development of this feature.

The code is now on our Github repository. Being an Embryo release, this is a code that we will be using for a while on our website while making the final improvements and adjustments before it is stable and ready to be tagged as a Birth release.

That’s it for now. There will be more blog posts about this release.

Anahita 4.1.8 Birth release is out

Lost + Found cafe, Gastown, Vancouver

Lost + Found Cafe, Gastown, Vancouver

Greetings from the beautiful Vancouver. This is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

  1. fixed issue with the db table coalitions problem. Now all the tables are set to utf-8 and Engine=InnoDB
  2. fixed issues in the Invites app tokens and UIs

To get the updates run the following commands in the root of your Anahita installation:

$ composer update
$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Anahita 4.1.7 Birth Release is tagged

A few more bugs that were found this week are fixed in this patch:

  1. fixed the issue which was breaking the actor social graph pagination
  2. fixed the issue which was preventing notification settings to be stored in default layout
  3. changed the label follow/unfollow to get/stop notifications for medium node Subscriptions
  4. medium nodes are enabled by default

To update, go to the root of your Anahita installation and type the following command:

$ composer update

Two critical bugs are fixed in Anahita 4.1.6

During the last 48 hours we discovered two bugs that we fixed right away.

  1. fixed the Remember Me bug
  2. fixed the bug which was preventing new users to update their password after logging in using a token.

Run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation to get the update:

$ composer update