Presenting Anahita Social ™ Engine at Vancouver DemoCamp 7

We have been presenting Anahita Social Engine ™ at the Vancouver Demo Camp 7 hosted in WorkSpace last Tuesday (July 7th). We would like to thank our wonderful friends Boris Mann, Sonia Ryan, and Roland Tanglao from the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society who provided this great opportunity for us to present our project to a crowd of 60~80 people and have the opportunity to hear the BuddyPress presentation at the same place by the great folks from the Automattic.Thank you Roland for the great video that you’ve made.

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Anahita ™ Roadmap has been posted

rmd Studio Blog launch

We have posted the roadmap for the versions 0.9.3, 0.9.4, and 0.9.5
Please consider that the dates and the roadmap are subject to change, but this list should provide an overall snapshot of the project’s goals for those who are interested.

If you have any questions you please either post them here as a comment or ask us on Twitter ( @anahitapolis )

If you are interested in having early access to the code and learn about development using Anahita ™ from the core team and other partners you can become a partner

Anahita™ will be showing skin at the DemoCamp Vancouver 07

Vancouver DemoCamp - photo by Megan Cole
Vancouver DemoCamp – photo by Megan Cole

On July 7th 2009 we will be doing a presentation of Anahita Social Engine ™ at the 7th Vancouver DemoCamp. There will also be people from the BuddyPress project presenting their project in the same day. We are thrilled to be presenting in the same day with them since BuddyPress has been one of the projects that we have always admired.

This is event is named “Return of DemoCamp”. You can read more about the history of DemoCamp Vancouver on the Barcamp wiki. The theme of this event is about Social Web Platforms.


July 7th, 2009. Buzz 400 – #21 Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver to come up to WorkSpace.

  • 6pm – 6:10pm Introductions
  • 6:10pm – 6:30pm 30 second pitches (non scheduled pitches) + voting + networking
  • 6:30pm – 7:15pm featured presentations
  • 7:15pm – 8:00pm 5 x 6 minute pitches

The event is free but requires registration as we have limited space at WorkSpace. If you want to present, please pick a Pitch Presenter ticket and fill out a short description of your concept.

To Register

please go to this page



Thanks to WorkSpace for donating their space.

Our special thanks to Mr. Boris Mann and other wonderful people at the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society

Developing the Anahita Social ™ Discussions Application

A social website often needs to have a discussion board either as a stand alone social app or as a part of other social hubs such as Groups, Events, Organizations and such.

In the quest for finding a simple and organic design inspiration for developing a discussion board for the Anahita Social Engine I have been snooping around in different projects.

There are some existing forum extensions available for Joomla. In fact we did try ccBoard and realized that with some modifications to make it work with the Anahita Social Engine user profiles, it would work perfectly. So here is one good candidate.

We have also been using PHPBB3 for Tazzu Community and it seems like a complete forum out of the box and the UI is pretty good although I’ve found it to be a little too bulky for our purpose. We want something much more nimble and lighter. Besides, the user management in phpbb3 and the way it has been coded is not really our style so we’re not too sure about this one!

I must admit I have been fascinated with BBPress for quite some time. This is the discussion board app developed by the same folks who developed WordPress and these guys have a nice touch when it gets to getting the usability right.

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Anahita Social Engine ™ with Joomla! from Nooku TV

Anahita Social Engine with Joomla! from Nooku on Vimeo.

Peter Russell interviews me about Anahita (a social engine framework for Joomla). At its core Anahita is powered by Nooku Framework.
My experience with Nooku Framework took Anahita to unexpected levels:

  • rmd Studio and Peerglobe Technology discover Nooku Framework
  • Subsequently entirely re-wrote Anahita (using Nooku) in six weeks
  • Far more fun!
  • Could not have built Anahita without Nooku Framework
  • Plugs into Joomla!
  • “Symbiotic Alien-life form inside Joomla! makes Joomla better and smarter and live longer…”
  • Nooku is “the MVC core that Joomla always wanted”

Thank you SO much peter and the Nooku team, you guys are amazing.

I wish my best friend and business partner Ash Sanieyan was there with me in the interview as well. He has been spending countless sleepless nights perfecting the Anahita Social Engine ™ technology and he could have provided many interesting inputs about the project from his perspective. Perhaps next time, he’ll get to play the solo on the stage!