Anahita is going GPLv3

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Following the announcement on the Nooku Blog regarding their adoption of GPL3 license for the Nooku Framework, we also would like to announce that all the Anahita ™ code that is also developed using the Nooku Framework version 0.7 and later will be distributed under the GPL3 license. That would be Anahita ™ 1.0 alpha1 and later releases.

According to the Nooku blog:

“The latest incarnation of the GPL license, GPLv3 is designed to better suit the needs of Free Software in the 21st Century. We recommend you take the time to read this guide on the GPLv3 so as to gain a clearer understanding of both your rights and your obligations under this license.”

We would like to remind everyone that the term free in Free Software, actually means free as liberty not free as free beer. Anahita code will still be distributed via paid membership plans to our partners and clients.

Celebrating 5000+ Commits

Celebrating 5000+ Commits

Warning: working long hours till morning doing what you love to do, getting very little sleep, and using iSight to take pictures, may lead to happy puffy faces!

One of the joys of agile software development is about celebrating small achievements as well as not so small ones.In the past 2 years we have done over 5000 commits to the Anahita repository. That is over 2200 hours of work. We are currently standing at SVN revision 5262 and this weekend we updated Anahitapolis with the pre-alpha3 code. We worked from 6PM last sunday until 9:30 AM Monday morning as well as 2pm to 5pm afterwards the same day. When you are enjoying what you do, you won’t realize how time passes.

From what it seems, very soon, we will be able to make the Anahita Social Engine ™ alpha3 available to the Anahita tribe of partners and also make the alpha2 release available for the public download.

We have also been busy upgrading existing Anahita social apps and building new ones. The current Anahita applications are: Groups, Discussions, Photos, Connect (OAuth integration with facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google), and Invites. The Nodes-Graphs-Story architecture of Anahita is doing wonders and we are so excited to show the world how to use the true architecture of a social network to build social websites and services.

Those who have been granted access to Anahitapolis can now see some of the new features such as Groups, fine-grain privacy, and many more architectural and usability improvements.

By the way, did you know that adding privacy to a media node is now as simple as doing this in your view layout?

<?= @privacy($photo) ?>

and from that point Anahita will take care of the rest by magic 😉

We will be posting more updates once the Anahita Social Engine ™ alpha 3 is released, so stay tunned!

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Can’t wait to get started planning your next social web project using Anahita ™ ? You can join our tribe of partners and this is how you can apply.

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Anahita Presented at the Joomla!Day Italy 2010 by Beyounic


We would like to thank our good friends and Anahita partners at the Beyounic for presenting the Anahita project at the Joomla!Day Italy 2010 on Saturday October 9th. While the Beyounic folks have been helping us promote this project in the Italian and European Joomla community, Ash and Myself have been busy working to get the next release of Anahita Social Engine and a new collection of Anahita Social Apps ready.

Anahita jd10 itView more presentations from beyounic.

The Beyounic team are the people who are developing the a social event management service developed using the Anahita and Nooku frameworks as well as the an online social media campaign tool developed using the Nooku Framework. The latter is a showcase proof of concept of the OAuth library that Beyounic has developed for the project



Thank you Nick Balestra, Luca Zerboni, and Romano Sensibile for the great presentation and contribution. You guys are amazing!

Anahita Social ™ Tweets now available to the Tribe of Partners

The Anahita – Twitter integration is the first social app that is available for the Anahita Social Engine 1.0 alpha3 codebase.

David Joly

Anahita Social ™ Tweets codename David Joly from has been named after the super awesome Anahita partner who has funded half of the development hours for this social app and agreed that we release the code under the GPL2 to all the Anahita Partners and continue maintaining the codebase in Anahitapolis.

Anahita Social ™ Tweets

Anahita Social ™ Tweets provides all the necessary APIs for the following features:

  • Reading incoming tweets from an existing Twitter @account and displaying them either in a Gadget or the Story Feed.
  • Signing up a user through twitter if they don’t have a registered account. In this case they still have to register through the site but their account gets linked after registration.
  • Mapping an authenticated Twitter user to an Anahita user.
  • Quick Sign-in using an existing Twitter @account credentials
  • Handling multiple Twitter accounts for an actor node (Person, Group, Event, Project, etc. )
  • Posting a story update, custom message, or system notification from Anahita Social Engine ™ to one or many Twitter Accounts belonging to an Actor node.

The API is quite fun and simple to use. To give you an idea here is an example:


Speaking of Twitter you, can follow us @anahitapolis and hashtag #anahita to receive updates about the Anahita project.

Anahita Social Networking Engine ™ alpha2 is now available to the tribe of partners

Working on Anahita Social Engine alpha2

We are excited to announce that Anahita Social Engine ™ alpha2 has been released to the Anahita tribe of partners last night. This is a transition release to the alpha 3 and is not available to the public.

This release took about 67 days to build since the release of Anahita alpha1 and about half of that time was spent on upgrading the Anahita code to use the most recent Nooku Framework 0.7 code. We are hoping as we build more API and improve the Anahita framework we can reduce the time between each release.

I would like to thank my best friend and business partner Ash Sanieyan who did most of the work on this release. He is the genius behind implementation of Anahita ™ framework and platform. I like to think of him as the Harry Potter of programming. This project couldn’t have been possible to this degree of quality without him. The Anahita team would also like to thank Mr. Johan Janssens and the rest of the Nooku team who have worked with us to make this release possible.

What’s new in this release?

  • Significant performance improvement due to the changes both in the framework and database model.
  • Anahita Social Engine is now using the most recent version of Nooku Framework 0.7
  • Implementation of Person Profile privacy settings and Privacy API which can be used within the Anahita Social Apps
  • Improved implementation of the Social Graphs and also ability for people to block other unwanted people.
  • Implementation of APIs that facilitate development of all kinds of Groups social apps for a social network such as: Groups, Events, Projects, Organization pages, Fan pages, etc.
  • Implementation of Node Subscriptions API. This API allows Anahita Social ™ Applications to subscribe a person to a node and notify them later when a change occurs for the node. By default the notifications are handled via Emails, however, in the future Applications can customize this by adding their own notification handler such as SMS, iPhone Push Notification and etc.

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