Happy New Year 2011 from the Anahitaâ„¢ team

Happy New Year 2011

Another picture done by an iphone with a dirty lens that does no justice to our sleep deprived faces 🙂

Happy New Year to all the people on Anahitapolisâ„¢ and all the people who will be joining us during the 2011. We are so thankful for all the great support that you’ve give us specially the group of 42 partners who have been working with us.

It’s been quite productive year for the Anahitaâ„¢ project:

  1. 6345 code commits to the Anahitaâ„¢ repository until today
  2. Kept up with all the updates of Nooku Framework 0.7 😉
  3. Released the Anahita™ Shiraz template using the wonderful Gantry Framework from RocketTheme LLC
  4. community.anahitapolis.com social network has been powered by the Anahitaâ„¢ technology during the 2010 and soon it will become the main Anahitapolisâ„¢ website.
  5. Have started using Anahitapolisâ„¢ since november 2010 as our project management environment for about 10 Anahitaâ„¢ related social apps and projects (Anahitaâ„¢ Social Engine, Discussions, Photos, Groups, Projects, Connect, Subscriptions, and the Shiraz Template).
  6. Have started using Anahitapolisâ„¢ since october 2010 for delivering support and services to all the partners and using the Anahitapolisâ„¢ Atrium as an environment to educate people who are interested to learn more about this project.
  7. Have released Anahitaâ„¢ Social Engine alpha1, alpha2, and alpha3 versions during the 2010. Our next release will be the public beta. In fact right now the Anahitapolisâ„¢ community is powered with the soon to be public beta code.

We have a lot of good news coming up and a lot of good plans for the first 2011 quarter. Stay tuned.

We would like to wish you a prosperous, productive, and creative year and perhaps this will be the year that you will be enjoying the fruits of your great business ideas.

to you from the Anahita project team: Rastin and Ash

Shiraz: a template for Anahita â„¢

Working on the next release of Anahita Social Engine â„¢

Template is important. It skins and renders all the application user interfaces and delivers all the things that we are all obsessed about: The User Experience, the Branding, and all those good things!

We’ve had a basic template for Anahita which was quite good, except that it could only be used in one configuration. Anahita also uses the more recent version of the Mootools javascript library and since Joomla! was using the old mootools 1.1 for a while, that meant a lot of existing Joomla templates and modules could not be upgraded to work with the Anahita social networking engine.

Now things have changed. The Joomla! team has finally, … FINALLY! came up with a solution to upgrade the mootools library.  Also the wonderful Gantry Framework was released by the RocketTheme which provides an awesome 960 standard grid system, a very snazzy administration interface, and a wonderful framework to help us build flexible templates that are great not only for a CMS but also for more sophisticated software such as social networks. After doing some client projects with the Gantry framework, we really liked it and we have decided to develop the new default Anahita template using the Gantry Framework. That is how the Shiraz template was born.

Shiraz: a template for Anahita â„¢

The Shiraz template for Anahita â„¢ provides almost all the key features and main positions that the Gantry framework does, in 12 column positions, as well as all the styling for the Anahita â„¢ and the following list of social applications:

  • Anahita Social â„¢ Discussions
  • Anahita Social â„¢ Photos
  • Anahita Social â„¢ Groups
  • Anahita Social â„¢ Projects

Shiraz Template for Anahita â„¢ - Administration

The Shiraz template is not a done and finished template. It is a blueprint for all the Anahita developers to learn how to customize the develop their own templates while exploiting all the features that the Anahita and Gantry framework provide. This also means that Anahita powered social networks can now use other great extensions that are being distributed via the RocketTheme.com website as long as they are using the recent version of Mootools library.

To give you an example we are currently using the Shiraz template and the RocketTheme’s RokNavMenu extension on the Anahitapolis social network. We will be testing and using more of the RocketTheme’s extensions on the Shiraz template once we have merged the Anahitapolis.com and community.anahitapolis.com websites in a few weeks.

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Anahita Social Networking Engine â„¢ Alpha3 is now available to the tribe of partners

Almost 100 days after the alpha2 release we now have made the Anahita Social Networking Engine â„¢ 1.0 alpha 3 codename Red Angelica available to the Anahita tribe of partners. We have also updated Anahitapolis with the most recent code in the trunk including a number of updated social apps: Anahita Social â„¢ Groups, Discussions, and Photos. That’s right! We are now aiming to have the Beta release ready.

We usually make the code that is one release behind available for free download, therefore Anahita Social Networking Engine â„¢ alpha2 code will be made available on our website in a few days for those who enjoy reading code and experimenting.

What’s New in the 1.0 Alpha3

During the last 3 months we have updated the Anahita ™ code  to work with Nooku Framework 0.7 revision 2536, rewrote Anahita Social ™ Photos and Discussions to work based on the new Anahita actor node architecture, and started developing two new social applications: Anahita Social ™ Connect and Groups. The latter is currently being used for delivering support and services to the Anahita partners.

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Anahita is going GPLv3

GPLv3 Logo

Following the announcement on the Nooku Blog regarding their adoption of GPL3 license for the Nooku Framework, we also would like to announce that all the Anahita â„¢ code that is also developed using the Nooku Framework version 0.7 and later will be distributed under the GPL3 license. That would be Anahita â„¢ 1.0 alpha1 and later releases.

According to the Nooku blog:

“The latest incarnation of the GPL license, GPLv3 is designed to better suit the needs of Free Software in the 21st Century. We recommend you take the time to read this guide on the GPLv3 so as to gain a clearer understanding of both your rights and your obligations under this license.”

We would like to remind everyone that the term free in Free Software, actually means free as liberty not free as free beer. Anahita code will still be distributed via paid membership plans to our partners and clients.

Celebrating 5000+ Commits

Celebrating 5000+ Commits

Warning: working long hours till morning doing what you love to do, getting very little sleep, and using iSight to take pictures, may lead to happy puffy faces!

One of the joys of agile software development is about celebrating small achievements as well as not so small ones.In the past 2 years we have done over 5000 commits to the Anahita repository. That is over 2200 hours of work. We are currently standing at SVN revision 5262 and this weekend we updated Anahitapolis with the pre-alpha3 code. We worked from 6PM last sunday until 9:30 AM Monday morning as well as 2pm to 5pm afterwards the same day. When you are enjoying what you do, you won’t realize how time passes.

From what it seems, very soon, we will be able to make the Anahita Social Engine â„¢ alpha3 available to the Anahita tribe of partners and also make the alpha2 release available for the public download.

We have also been busy upgrading existing Anahita social apps and building new ones. The current Anahita applications are: Groups, Discussions, Photos, Connect (OAuth integration with facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google), and Invites. The Nodes-Graphs-Story architecture of Anahita is doing wonders and we are so excited to show the world how to use the true architecture of a social network to build social websites and services.

Those who have been granted access to Anahitapolis can now see some of the new features such as Groups, fine-grain privacy, and many more architectural and usability improvements.

By the way, did you know that adding privacy to a media node is now as simple as doing this in your view layout?

<?= @privacy($photo) ?>

and from that point Anahita will take care of the rest by magic 😉

We will be posting more updates once the Anahita Social Engine â„¢ alpha 3 is released, so stay tunned!

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