Anahita 4.3.11 Birth Release is available

This maintenance release contains a number of fixes and improvements:

  1. fixed the issue that caused all components to show up in the Settings > Assignments screen. Now only the assignable apps show as they should.
  2. removed “stay logged in” or “Remember me” checkbox from the login form, because it is irrelevant inĀ  2018. Users now stay logged in until they actively log out.
  3. mergedĀ data, inflector, behaviors, view, and template packages from the Nooku/Koowa framework with Anahita library and removed all the unused code.

There is no database migration in this release. Just run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation to get the updates:

$ composer update

Questions or comments?

Post your questions on the Anahita Tribe Support group and have them answered for free. Send your commercial inquiries here.

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