Anahita 4.3.7 Birth release comes with google reCaptcha to protect you from bots

Google reCaptcha plugin for Anahita
Google reCaptcha plugin for Anahita

Looks like Anahita is getting noticed by bots, so we decided to include a new plugin in our list of packages to protect your Anahita installations from them. The new plugin adds invisible Google reCaptcha to the login, registration, and add Group forms.

If you are upgrading from previous 4.3 release, simply run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation:

$ composer update

There are no database migrations in this update.

Installing the Google reCaptcha plugin

Just like installing any other Anahita apps, use the following command to install the Google reCaptcha plugin:

$ php anahita package:install recaptcha

This command installs the plugin on your Anahita installation.

Then login as a Super Admin and go to the plugin edit page:

Site Settings > Plugins > Google reCaptcha

You need to sign up with the Google reCaptcha service and obtain a Site Key and Secret Key. After adding those values, set the plugin to enabled and save.

Open a new browser window in incognito mode and go to the Anahita’s login page. You should be able to see reCaptcha badge in the lower right side of the screen. Try logging in; you should be able to login with no difficulties.

We are using the invisible Google reCaptcha service. It is smart enough to tell if a user is a bot or not in the background. If the user is suspicious, then it will launch a challenge window and asks some questions before allowing the user to login.


Our special thanks goes to Anahita tribe memberĀ Nick Swinford for collaborating with us on development and testing the reCaptcha plugin.