Anahita 4.3.5 Birth release update is available

Anahita 4.3.4 update birth release announcement
Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The 4.3.5 release contains fixes for a number of critical bugs and also delivers some optimization to make page renderings up to 25% faster. The following is the change log summary:

  1. asking for pronouns instead of gender on person profile edit
  2. if custom language package doesn’t exist, default to en-GB
  3. if custom template package doesn’t exist, default to shiraz
  4. delete language package directory when language package is uninstalled
  5. added OpenGraph meta tags to media and actor node detailed views
  6. fixed issue in the language class which was preventing the use of custom packages
  7. moved photo set cover to the main column
  8. fixed issue which was breaking inline photo title/description editing
  9. used rel=nofollow for the voters action link
  10. clean up meta description text
  11. fixed issue where the mentions RegEx was parsing @ symbols within urls
  12. refined email RegEx
  13. cleaned up and updated schemas
  14. fixed WSOD when users deleted their own accounts
  15. fixed issue where people with disabled accounts could login and see a broken page
  16. improved speed by 25% by some code optimization
  17. fixed issue which prevented errors to be displayed within the custom template
  18. updated minimum php version of all packages to php >= 5.6
  19. display the last 20 notifications in the notifications popup
  20. fixed issue where plugins were being imported multiple times
  21. fixed issue preventing commenting on articles
  22. added before/after events for person save and delete in user plugins
  23. updated Connect App code for facebook

How to upgrade

If you are upgrading from Anahita 4.3 simply type the following commands in the root of your Anahita installation:

$ composer clearcache
$ composer update

If you are upgrading from any of the Anahita releases prior to the 4.3 then you need to follow the following instructions:


Our special thanks go to Anahita tribe members Scott Crawford and Nick Swinford for testing, reporting bugs, and contributing pull requests on GitHub. This release couldn’t be possible without their help and efforts.

Also special thanks to the rmd Studio team for development and AQ testing. If you needed any custom Anahita development or solutions, please contact them.