Anahita 4.3.3 Birth release available

Photo by Yu-Chan Chen

This release provides a number of fixes and improvements:

  1. fixed a number of issues in the notifications component
  2. used infinite scroll for the list of Transactions in the Subscriptions app
  3. fixed bug that prevented editing mentionable nodes
  4. added actor bar for the notes list view
  5. minimum php requirement is now set to version 5.6

Before upgrading your installations MAKE A BACKUP of your database and custom extensions. That way if things go wrong you can still recover.

Upgrading from version 4.3.*

If you are already using any of the version 4.3.* releases run the following commands in your Anahita root directory:

$ composer update
$ php anahita db:migrate:up

Upgrading from version 4.2.*

To upgrade from any of the older version of Anahita read to the following articles:

If you have a question or needed support, start a topic on the Anahita Tribe Support group.