Critical bug fix in Anahita 4.2.4 Birth Release

While we were putting the upcoming Anahita 4.3 under vigorous testing, we discovered a bug which is also in the current release of Anahita. This bug doesn’t affect existing installations, but only those who are trying to install Anahita for the first time.

The problem happens when Anahita is trying to send out the first activation email and since the reply-to email is missing in the newly created configuration file, the mail library throws an error and as a result the first user – which is also the super admin – doesn’t get logged in.

We have recently switched to using SwiftMailer library in Anahita since the 4.2.3 release. This bug was the result of a logical error in our code which integrates SwiftMailer with Anahita.

While this issue isn’t affecting the existing Anahita installations Run the following command in your Anahita installation to get the updates:

composer update

ps: Anahita 4.3 embryo release is just around the corner