Anahita 4.2.1 Birth release update is now available

We had a new Birth release last week and people have testing and reporting bugs. The 4.2.1 release provides fixes for all the reported issues:

1. fixed issue which was preventing authentication with email instead of username
2. fixed issue which was including search and composer js files twice
3. feature: site admins can now manually add new locations to be used by the community
4. feature: recently added tags can now be shown for hashtags and locations
5. refactored the code in com_tags and com_medium components

How To Update?

  1. Make a back up of your files and database
  2. Run the following command in the root of your Anahita installation
composer update

To obtain the most recent updates.

If you encountered any issues, please post your questions on the Tribe Support group. For commercial inquiries you may contact us here.