Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

Introducing LocationGraph to Anahita

We have just merged our code with the master branch and now officially announcing the Anahita 4.2.0 Embryo release with LocationGraph. That’s right we can now tag actors (people, group, etc.) and media nodes with locations. Anahita allows more than one locations to be added to a node. Here is the LaunchAcademy location node on our website.

Tagging a photo with locations in Anahita

This is the first iterations of this feature which relies on Google maps services. We have considered Open Street Maps but this integration is yet to be implemented. LocationGraph was implemented ahead of schedule by request of few Anahita tribe members who’ve had contributed financially to fund the development of this feature.

The code is now on our Github repository. Being an Embryo release, this is a code that we will be using for a while on our website while making the final improvements and adjustments before it is stable and ready to be tagged as a Birth release.

That’s it for now. There will be more blog posts about this release.