Anahita 4.1.3 Birth release is available

Eight and half restaurant, west 8th, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Greetings from the warm and sunny Vancouver! We have fixed a whole lot of bugs again. The Subscriptions App has also been updated. We are now using it on our production website. We have simplified the design for our own use. We will be doing a lot more development on this particular app. This is an important app for those of us who offer paid membership to our social networks.

Use the following command in the root of your Anahita installation to receive the updates:

composer update

Here is a summary of 4.1.3 change log:

  1. major updates to the Subscriptions app. We are now using it ourselves.
  2. fixed editable bug in Photos app set title and description
  3. removed access plugin from Subscriptions app
  4. deleted more Joomla legacy files such as com_cache
  5. added Pinnable behaviour so the Pages and Topics can use it
  6. fixed gist JQuery plugin which couldn’t parse multiple urls
  7. fixed favicon overwrite bug

Stay tuned for more updates. Anahita project is constantly moving forward at a steady pace.