Thank you Nooku Tribe For All the Love

I was given the prize for the best talk "Connecting The Dots" at #NookuJam14 thank you #nooku tribe for your votes. #Anahita

I am back from NookuJam14 which was happening in the beautiful Leuven in Belgium. Let me share the highlight of the event for Anahita. The presentation – Connecting the Dots: building more insightful knowledge apps – not only received a lot of attention by the audience, but also been voted the best talk of the event. This was the same talk that I delivered at LaunchAcademy 2 week prior to the Nooku Jam. I feel so honoured, thank you Nooku Tribe!

And here is me talking about #Anahita at #NookuJam14

This was my first time attending the Nooku Jam and this year we have 23 people from 10 different countries attending. A lot of the topics that were presented at this year’s Nooku Jam were coincidentally related to the next set of developments in Anahita which has to do with easier deployment, MobileFirst and responsive user interfaces, and mobile app development. The presenters discussed technologies such as:

Next year in rmdStudio we are expecting to be working on more Anahita and enterprise mobile app development projects, because more and more users are using mobile devices to access knowledge systems in the cloud.

At the #NookuJam14 with the hackers, designers, and geeks #nooku #Anahita

Mr. Johan Janssens also delivered a series of presentations about the Nook Framework 2.0 technology, software design patterns, and different types of open source licences.

Happy Birth release #nooku 2.0 and congratulations @johanjanssens

At the end we celebrated the Nooku 2.0 Birth release with a lovely cake. Congratulations Johan Janssens and the Nooku tribe. You have created an amazing php framework and architecture.

You can read a more detailed summary of my trip to Belgium here: I travelled 800 miles to attend Nooku Jam and Loved it also you can find more pictures of the NookuJam14 here as well as some beautiful pictures of city of Leuven.

Also my our special thanks to Mr. Johan Janssens, Tom Janssens, and the rest of Timble and Nooku team who helped organizing this wonderful event. We can’t wait till next year and another NookuJam.


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  1. Congratulations Rastin Mehr for the recognition of the presentation “Connecting The Dots” at the Nooku Jam 🙂

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