Building insightful knowledge sharing apps

What can ants, bees, and brains teach us about building better technologies for sharing knowledge?

Methods of capturing and sharing knowledge have come a long way from using blogs, wikis, and content management systems. All these technologies do a fairly good job accumulating content and data, but not much when it gets to connecting all the relevant information together in realtime and a seamless fashion.

What if we could build knowledge systems that became more insightful in real time as they were being used by people? Our brains make sense of our surroundings by associating different bits of information. How can we apply the design principals found in nature to build better knowledge systems?

In this session I will be talking about how our understanding of the brain physiology, hive insects, and social networks lead to the architecture of Anahita platform and how other projects could utilize the same design principals in their architecture.

If you are in Vancouver on October 15th you can register here and attend this event.