Anahita 3.0.2 Birth Release is available

Anahita 3.0.2 Birth release announcement from Revolver coffeeshop in Gastown Vancouver

I am writing this announcement from the Cafe Revolver in Gastown Vancouver. It is a beautiful and sunny spring day and too nice to stay in the office. I would like to announce that we have packaged the Anahita 3.0.2 Birth release which comes with a lot of bug fixes. To update your installations you can use the composer update command.

The following are the list of important fixes:

  1. A lot of strict standard warnings in php 5.4 and later are resolved
  2. A lot of refactoring and improvement in the user authentication, session management, and how the “remember me” features works.
  3. Fixed bug which was occasionally causing double records to be added to the users table
  4. Excessive <br/> tags in the visual editors are no longer being added.
  5. Prompt messages for saving and updating posts are are added with correct colour coding
  6. Bugs in Anahita Connect App for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are resolved.
  7. Bugs in the Anahita Invites App are fixed.
  8. More legacy Joomla code has been discarded.
  9. Some legacy Anahita modules are removed: actor, actors, and novo slider
  10. Fixed bug that showed 404 page to the blocked user rather than a more appropriate prompt message.
  11. Fixed some formatting and layout bugs
  12. Search terms are now properly being filtered and sanitized and the results are being properly highlighted.

You can always see the complete list of commits on the Anahita Github repository. If you have any questions please post them on the Anahita Tribe Support group. Please don’t email your questions to us.

Moving onto Anahita 4.* goals

The good news is that we can now start with the Anahita 4.* goals and starting with:

  1. implementing hashtags
  2. ability for actors to add/invite followers
  3. extracting  more legacy Joomla code such as the menus and module managers

progress is always exciting!


We would like to thank the following people who have been helping us with testing, finding bugs, suggesting fixes, and providing pull requests.

  1. Pavel Kulbakin
  2. Bent Rune Skulevold
  3. Apoorv Singh
  4. Rajkumar Mundel (from
  5. Sina Ahmadian

Also our great team of developers at rmdStudio and the wonderful people in LaunchAcademy who are always there to provide tips, advice, and recommendations.

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