Anahita DocCamp Results Are In

Rastin Mehr giving a talk about Anahita

When people work together, amazing things happen!

On November 27th we organized our first Anahita event. It was also the first event where Anahita tribe members were contributing back to the project. The idea was for participants to study Anahita and write an aspect of it that they were interested in. We even compiled a list of topics that we wanted to write about. This event was officially organized at the LaunchAcademy in Vancouver and kick started with a presentation done by me. In the mean time participants could participate online from any location in the world. In fact some people started a few days before on their documentation and more submissions were coming in until last week.

I am thrilled to tell you that we now have 11 docs published so far. Here they are:

  1. Customizing Anahita’s Front-End: Error Pages by Scott Crawford
  2. Using Amazon S3 with Anahita by Scott Crawford
  3. How to setup and log on to a Linux instance on Amazon Web Services by David Hegner
  4. How to Install Apache (or LAMP Stack) on an EC2 Linux Instance by David Hegner
  5. Installing Anahita on Openshift by Bent Rune Skulevold
  6. Customizing your Template Style by Nick Swinford
  7. Creating Static Pages with com_html by Nick Swinford
  8. Managing the Database with Anahita CLI by Nick Swinford
  9. Suggestions for Anahita coding standards by Pavel Kulbakin
  10. How to contribute to Anahita by Rastin Mehr (that’s me)
  11. Installing the Anahita Embryo code From the Master Branch by Rastin Mehr (that’s me again)

We still have at least 10 to 15 more topics to go to cover a lot of the basics about the soon to be releases Anahita 3.0 Birth release. You heard that right, there will be a birth release coming soon. Stay tuned!

In the mean time: Happy Holidays