Anahita DocCamp 2013 happening in Vancouver

We are pleased to announce the first official Anahita event which will be happening in LaunchAcademy which is one of the most active startup communities in Vancouver.

Anahita DocCamp Fall 2013 at LaunchAcademy

The objective of this event is sharing and documenting our Anahita knowledge so it become part of the collective mind of the Anahita tribes. On November 27th if you are in Vancouver, join us in the LaunchAcademy from 6PM to 9PM. We will first start the session with a talk by me in the front boardroom of LaunchAcademy. Then we will sit down together and write about Anahita.

Anahita DocCamp Fall 2013 at LaunchAcademy

If you are not in Vancouver you can join us online with many other participants who will be collaborating on writing documentation with us. You may publish your writing either on your blog, or as a page on Anahitapolis either on your own profile or one of the designated groups.

You don’t need to be an Anahita expert to participate, though if you know a lot about Anahita, your contribute will be much appreciated and crucial.¬†If you aren’t interested in participating as a contributor you can still join us for the opening talk and learn more about the Anahita technology.

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