Anahitapolis is now using the 3.0 Embryo codebase

Johan Janssens, Ash, and Rastin at the Mozilla WebFWD mixer party

Three weeks ago during our WebFWD graduation we updated Anahitapolis with the 3.0 Embryo codebase. As for every embryo release update goes, a lot of bugs get introduced to the system and due to some fundamental changes on how content are presented our navigation and a lot of links were broken. A lot of those issues are fixed now. In this release we have decided to make very little use of the legacy content management and module features provided by Joomla in Anahita, because they will be removed eventually. Instead we have developed a native Anahita component to develop many of the landing pages on our site. Homepage included.

This release provides some fundamental changes and features for example we now have a global search capable of searching all types of Anahita nodes (notes, topics, pages, photos, people, groups, etc.). You heard that right I said notes. That Anahita stories are now only pointers to different types of medium nodes and what used to be known as “story update” is now a “posted note” which is the most basic form of Anahita medium node.

We have also taken out the legacy joomla com_user from Anahita and use our own native authentication system. The native Anahita authentication also provides RESTful authentication which comes really handy especially if you are building a mobile app that uses Anahita as the server side infrastructure and requires user authentication.

Overall the Anahita 3.0 makes very little use of legacy joomla code in the frontend. We will be taking out more of Joomla code in the upcoming releases until we have a completely lean and light platform using native Anahita code.

We are currently in the process of migrating all the Anahita code to our Github repository and rewriting our development tools and scripts to work with Git. As as soon as the Github migration is done, then we will get started on fixing all the existing bugs towards a stable 3.0 birth release. Please don’t ask when the 3.0 Birth release will be ready, because your answer is clear: when it is ready and not a moment before.

In the meantime the Anahita tribe members are doing a wonderful job reporting the bugs to us. We are so thankful for their contribution! This is great help for us.