Anahita SVN and Project Groups now visible to public

Another #anahita announcement on the way

We tried to come up with a good April fools joke for you guys, but every attempt was futile. So I’m afraid all the news today will be true just like every other day.

Following our initiation to share our fruit of knowledge you can now checkout code from the Anahita SVN and access the content of Anahita project management groups. Due to the privacy concerns of our Premium Tribe members we have moved all the existing topics from the project groups to the Premium Support groups where they continue to be accessible to the Premium Tribe members only, however from now on any content that is created on the project groups will be visible to the public.

So now you can:

Another good news is that we are very close to have Anahita 3.0 Embryo release ready. The focus of this release will be search and a number of core design improvements.

We yet have to make the Anahita code available on GitHub. Please give us some time, because we have to make some updates to our existing development tools and scripts to work with Git and change our workflows.

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  1. Hi Guys
    This is really good news!
    Thank you for the hard work
    Please tell how long to wait for release 3.0?

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