Anahita 2.2 Birth release is now available for download

Sleepy faces but we have the Anahita 2.2 Birth release coming up

We have just released the Anahita 2.2 Birth release packages for public to download. The Embryo packages were made available to the Anahita Premium tribes on the New Year’s Eve. This is officially the last release from the year 2012. We are already working on what is going to be the Anahita 3.0 codebase. More updates on that will be posted later. So what’s new in Anahita 2.2?

Masonry Layout API

Anahita Photos Masonry Layout

You can see an example of the Masonry layout in the Anahita Photos app and on my photo feed. Masonry layout has been popularized by and in comparison to a grid of square thumbnails, the masonry layout is a lot easier on the eye and more user friendly. Anahita is not using the common JQuery plugins written for this purpose and instead provides it’s own native masonry API written in Mootools which is somewhat lighter and takes up less code. Here is an example of how you can use the masonry infinit scroll to your layout:

data-infinitscroll-options="{'numColumns':3,'url':'<?= @route('layout=masonry_list') ?>'}" 
class="an-entities masonry">
<?php foreach( $photos as $photo) : ?>
<?= @view('photo')->layout('masonry')->photo($photo)->filter($filter) ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

and Anahita renders a responsive masonry layout for you automatically. The example that you see is from the Photos app. This is a new feature in Anahita and in the later releases we will be experimenting more with displaying media nodes in this format.

Updated to Bootstrap 2.2.2

We have updated the core less files to the latest Bootstrap version 2.2.2 and have made all the necessary adjustments. We were glad to see that a lot of custom styling that we had to develop for Anahita in the previous releases are now provided by default by the new Bootstrap library.

Improved Styling of the UIs

All the Anahita LESS files and application layouts have been rewritten to follow a more reusable pattern for displaying the entities. It is now easier than ever to style your UI elements when you develop Anahita apps. We have also taken major steps to make the Anahita template more responsive, because that is one of the many requirements for making Anahita mobile friendly. For the Anahita 2.2 we have switched off the responsive feature until other mobile friendly features of Anahita are implemented.

Anahita Photos responsive mode on iPhone

It is important to realize that in a CMS environment being responsive often equates to being mobile friendly, but in an application environment such as Anahita, being responsive is only one of the many conditions required for a mobile friendly experience. We yet have to develop other requirements in Anahita to reach a truly seamless mobile experience.

More Scalable Profile Composer

Anahita 2.2 Profile Composer

In the previous release of Anahita the profile composers used tabs to display the forms for different apps. Tabs take up a lot of space and that could be problematic if we had many apps enabled on a profile. The new composer is using a drop down list which is not only able to handle more applications, but also function quite well in the responsive mode for mobile devices.

Anahita Profile Composer in Responsive Mode

Anahita Photos Composer in responsive mode

No more dark theme in Anahita Shiraz template

Until Anahita 2.1 release the Shiraz template was providing two styles of Light and Dark theme, but since styling and creating custom themes in Anahita is much easier than before, we have decides to take out the dark theme and stay with the default light theme instead. That saves us time and effort for every new release which can be invested in developing more high priority features in Anahita.

Wrapping Up 2012

Last year has been a very productive year for the Anahita project with 4 major releases of 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2. We are already working on the codebase for the Anahita 3.0 and the focus of this release will be adding a global search and taxonomy system. Year 2013, here we come!

Stay Updated

We will be posting more updates as we go. In the mean time do not forget to:

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  1. I simply love the photo apps. i wish i could get premium tribe. so i can get it and use it . 2.2 so far the best ever released by Anahita.

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