Anahita Podcast Episode 9

Melriches Coffee & Tea House

Here we are publishing (not recording) the Anahita podcast episode 9 from the Melriches Coffee & Tea House on Davie Street, Vancouver. Last month, we were so busy preparing the new birth release of Anahita that we didn’t get a chance to record a show for you, so this is the first podcast after the Anahita 2.0 Birth release and it was recorded during our last week’s hangout session. In this episode Ash and I are answering questions from two Anahita tribe members @Chaim and @Scott (


In this podcast the following topics have been discussed:

  1. Should you delay the launch of your social network if only a basic implementation is available for some features that you need? A discussion about the private messaging in Anahita.
  2. Will sending out thousands of invitations lead to an engaging community for a new social network?
  3. What justifies businesses to consider a niche market social network while there are large networks such as facebook and twitter available? What type of businesses are more likely to consider a niche market social network and how can you help them?
  4. How to inspire a group of students in a dormitory to pick up playing the Piano and lessons to learn from this analogy to start a community with influential leaders rather than aimless site testers? How do people learn to utilize a new social network from the existing influential leaders on that network?
  5. The pros and cons of having separate actor profiles for people and businesses.
  6. A discussion about the new development cycle that Anahita project has adopted since version 1.6 embryo to be able to have more frequent birth releases.
  7. How do things stand with respect to the Gantry Framework? What is going to replace it, and whether it will be mobile accessible?
  8. Is it possible to represent an installation of Anahita as an individual root actor node and what will be the benefits and possible challenges of that approach?
  9. A discussion about the process of removing Joomla code from Anahita and whether it will affect some of the existing functionalities.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post your comments here about this podcast.