So long Gantry and thank you for the grid

Anahitapolis is now using the Anahita Embryo release 2.1 with her own native template framework and the new release of Shiraz template. That also means that we are no longer using the Gantry framework (by RocketTheme) for Anahita and it has been completely removed from the Anahita 2.1 release. The new Shiraz template is now technically an Anahita app that extends a default base. The base template provides all the default LESS files, main grid, and layouts which can all be overwritten in Shiraz or any custom template that you wish to develop. Anahita 2.1 is now extending the latest Twitter Bootstrap library and did I mention that Anahita comes with it’s own native LessCSS compiler to help you compile a single compressed stylesheet that contains all the bootstrap and anahita styling.

In January 2011 when we released Anahita 1.5 it was mainly a distribution of Joomla! 1.5 with Anahita libraries installed on it. We even had the intention of bringing compatibility between Anahita and the templates and extensions that Rockettheme was distributing. However soon we learned that the best strategy for the Anahita project would be dropping all the Joomla code and rewriting all the required parts using Anahita’s native framework. That also meant the compatibility between Anahita and RocketTheme extensions was going to be broken, because Anahita was no longer a Joomla! distro and she was on her path to become a stand alone technology.

In Anahita 2.0 we were using very little of what Gantry framework was providing us so it was time to completely remove it from Anahita. I must say that Gantry has been a great concept, however it was really built to compensate with the shortcomings of Joomla! as well as creating an environment for the Rockettheme specific extensions.

For the past year the Gantry framework has been providing us a 960 grid system and means to manage it. In fact Gantry provides a lot more that are really useful in a Joomla environment, however we have been removing more and more of what was left of Joomla code from Anahita and writing all the required parts using Anahita’s native libraries. So in Anahita 2.0 very little of Gantry was being used while we were carrying around the entire library and codebase. It was time to build our own native template framework suitable for Anahita and say goodbye to Gantry.

We would like to thank the Rockettheme team for developing Gantry; such a great technology that helped us go through last year. In fact we did get some inspiration from the Gantry while developing the Anahita’s grid management system and bootstrap. We just didn’t need the other 90% of Gantry that we were not using. If you are a Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, or PHPBB3 user, you should really checkout Rockettheme’s products at Those people have been building some solid and beautiful templates and extensions and distributing them at very reasonable prices.

As for the Anahita Embryo 2.1 goes, the packages will be available to the Premium Tribe shortly. As soon as we are confident that the code is stable, we will branch out a 2.1 Birth release and make it available for free to public.


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  1. Rastin and Ash, I know the importance of this and effort and commitment that i have seen from the both of you. Please let me share my admiration for professional consistency and world class thinking from two entrepreneurs who are not just hackers but also genuine thinkers in software design.

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