Anahita 2.0 Is Now A Birth Release

We have a good news about #Anahita

Ladies and gentlemen it is 4:30 AM now and we have been working hard all night to bring you a good news. Anahita 2.0 Birth release is now available for download. Not only that, all the existing apps have also been updated for the 2.0 release.

Do you want another good news? We have decided that the 2 of our popular social apps, Anahita Groups and Anahita Topics, to be available for free download. That’s right, free as free beer! That means you now have a much more viable option than traditional discussion board apps to get your online community going.

So first install Anahita and then go to the Bazaar in the administration back-end and install Anahita Groups and Topics app from there.

Do you want another good news? The Anahita API documentation is also now publicly available.


If you have an existing Anahita 1.5 installation, we do not have a migration script for you yet. We are going to have it ready very soon so those of you who have an existing 1.5 installation can migrate to the Anahita 2.0 version.

The Anahita 2.0 is a significant improvement, because a lot of Anahita code all the way from core to user interface has been rewritten and improved.

Right now, we need to get some rest and later today I will write another blog post for you explaining what’s new in the 2.0 version, so stay tuned!