Anahita Podcast Episode 8 – FAQs From the Tribes

English Bay, Vancouver, Canada
English Bay, Vancouver, Canada

I finally got the time to edit and publish this podcast from Friday April 27th 2012. Last week I was busy with moving to a new apartment in a very beautiful neighbourhood (picture above) and that left little time for me to publish this podcast on time. I must give you a nerd alert that content of this podcast is a little on the technical side, but you will find the discussions very useful. The most important part is answering the top 5 most frequently asked questions from the Anahita tribes. In this podcast we had Bent and Ravi from the Anahita Premium tribes participating in the discussions.


In this podcast we cover the following topics:

  • Discussing scenarios that people need to follow a collection of groups with similar contexts that are associated with each other. For example study groups within a department in a school.
  • Will it be better to host these groups on the same network or multiple social networks? What are the possible options to design such a social network.
  • Five Frequently Asked Questions from the Anahita Tribes:
    1. Is there a demo for Anahita ?
    2. Is there a project roadmap ?
    3. What sort of skills are required to setup and customize Anahita ?
    4. What sort of skills are required for developing Anahita apps and extensions ?
    5. Is there a documentation available for Anahita ?
  • Is it possible to have sub-groups in a social network ?
  • How would one develop Anahita apps without using any UML diagrams ?

Enjoy this podcast and please let us know what you think!