Anahita Podcast Episode 7

Hangout from a wifi enabled restroom
Nick joined us from a wifi enabled restroom

This is the Anahita hangout from Friday March 23rd with Nick Balestra (co-founder of, Umesh, Ravi, and Bob Bloom (founder of, Ash Sanieyan and myself (Anahita founders).


Nick joined us from a wifi enabled bathroom on the University campus which he doesn’t attend. No he was not using the toilet, but looks like that is the only quiet place he could find at the time. The rest of us were sitting in regular rooms, answering questions and enjoying the round table discussions. Here is what we talked about:

  1. A short interview with Mr. Nick Balestra from Beyounic and Ohanah who have recently raised funds for their startup.
  2. Folksonomy in Anahita using knowledge nodes and a discussion on database scalability and system’s performance (Technical)
  3. What’s the best way to delete a node in a social network while maintaining the data integrity of the relationships within the system. (Technical)
  4. Differentiating legitimate customers from none customers who demand free service and support (Community Management)
  5. How community ideas and suggestions are incorporated into the Anahita project and how a design by committee outcome can be prevented in an open source project. (Product Design)
  6. Discussing and standards used for exchanging stories across multiple social networks. (Technical)
I hope you enjoy this podcast and find it to be informative. If you have any comments please feel free to post them here.