Anahita Podcast Episode 6 – Community Management

Editing #Anahita #podcast episode 6

This is the Anahita hangout podcast recorded last Friday on Feb. 24th 2012 with Rob Saric (twitter @robsaric) from and Rob Jameson (twitter @mosaicrob) from where Ash Sanieyan and Myself (Rastin Mehr) answer questions about Anahita social networking platform and framework as well as participate in a round table discussion about lean startup philosophy of developing a minimum viable product (MVP), community management, as well as social networking service.

  1. Using the composer as a command line interface to unlock promotions, configurations, and tapping into the collective intelligence of a social network.
  2. What is the best process to develop a minimum viable product (MVP)
  3. How to develop a community that could evolve into a self sustaining and collaborative environment?
  4. Diversity is strength. Rather than squashing variations, nurture them in designated places and nurture diversity.
  5. Is it possible to treat a community and social network as a centralized knowledge base, or is it in fact a distributed network of information bits where knowledge emerges?
  6. Building taxonomy using node associations and knowledge nodes
  7. A small talk about the as an emerging successful social networking service.

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