Anahita 1.6 Embryo Is Released

#Anahita 1.6 Embryo Release Announcement
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Last weekend we spent 26 hours to update Anahitapolis with the Anahita 1.6 codebase. After a week of receiving bug reports from the premium tribe members and fixing issues we now have packages available to the premium tribe to download and install for evaluation purpose.

This update also includes Embryo releases for 7 of our flagship social apps: Groups, Discussions, Photos, Todos, Pages, Subscriptions, and Connect. A number of supporting extensions and plugins have also been updated for the 1.6 release. All the updated apps and extensions are now being used on our website.

The Anahita Premium Tribe members have been great help to us with their bug reports, feedbacks, encouraging words, and most important of all their patience. Thank you folks, you guys are incredible!

Aiming for the Anahita 1.7 Birth release

Anahita 1.6 is a transition release from 1.5 to 1.7 which means we are now officially aiming for the Anahita 1.7 Birth release. Anahita 1.6 and 1.7 provide a much leaner and more powerful API and framework for developing social networking applications. That means you can build your social networking projects in less time and achieve higher performance speed while building on a solid and correct infrastructure. If you are a startup, that means you get reach your goals in a lot less time and save hundreds of hours worth of resources.

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We will be posting more updates as we go. In the mean time do not forget to: