Anahitapolis Is Now Powered by Anahita 1.6

We relaunched with the #Anahita 1.6 code base
Celebration after 26 hours of work and no sleep

Afte a none-stop 26 hour work shift that started from Sunday afternoon and lasted till Monday afternoon we have migrated the website to use the most recent revision of Anahita 1.6 codebase. That also means that we have an Embryo release to announce sometime soon.

This release includes Anahita and 5 social apps. We have been working on this release for the past 4 months and couldn’t wait to see the priceless reaction of Anahita tribe members after updating using the new code.

Anahita 1.6 is a transition release with a lot of new improvements in the core and as soon as it is stable, it will be available as the Anahita 1.7 Birth release. It is part of our process to use the code ourselves for a while before distributing a Birth release. During the last 48 hours we have received many  valuable tips and bug reports from the Anahita tribe members and we have been busy with fixing bugs and polishing the code. We will be continuing this process until we feel confident that the code is stable and ready to be distributed to the Anahita tribe members. We will also be providing migration script and code for those who will be updating from Anahita 1.5 to 1.7 release. Having a Birth release could take several weeks.

We also did an Anahita hangout last Friday which was supposed to be published as a podcast 2 days ago and I haven’t had the chance yet since we have been so busy with updating and migrating our web site. I am going to finish editing the recorded hangout today and publish it for you as soon as I can.

We also heard another very good news this week which isn’t really Anahita related, but I still would like to share it with you. The folks from the Beyounic team have secured about 350K seed capital for their startup. The Beyounic team has been on of the early supporters of the Anahita project and First Tribe members. We would like to congratulate this important event to them and wish them the best on their venture. These are the same folks who brought you the Ohanah event app for the Joomla. You should go and congratulate them on twitter @beyounic

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