We are celebrating 12000 code commits

That’s right 12000 code commits (currently standing at revision 12112) and we are very close to have the Anahita 1.6 ready. I have posted some screen captures here for you and you can see the rest of them on flickr or the Anahita’s Facebook Page. To celebrate this moment together it is tradition that we extended the membership time of our Premium Members and also give out some discount coupons for those of you who would like to join the Anahita tribes.

Happy 12K Commits

  1. Use the coupon code 12k-commits to get 20% off on any of our Premium Tribe plans. There are only 5 coupons so get them before somebody else does. (UPDATE: Coupons are sold out)
  2. Existing Premium Members get 3 months extended membership time for free, because they have always been very supportive and we love to have them around. Thank you for being so awesome!

Some Screen Captures

Person Profile

Group Profile

We are soon going to use the Anahita 1.6 Embryo to power Anahitapolis.com website. As we use the code to run our day to day operation, we will also fix the bugs and improve the software until it is stable and that will be the Anahita 1.7 Birth release. Then we are going to develop many exciting features and social networking projects using that codebase during the 2012 and help you do the same.

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