How We Wrapped Up 2011

Discussing documentation for Anahita 1.6

I really wanted to post this blog before our Episode 4 podcast and also 12K commits celebration. We have been so busy working on the Anahita 1.6 Embryo release and updating the Apps that I had to put off blogging for a while. Now that I finally got the time, I would like to mention some of the highlights of the 2011 4th quarter.

Continuing to work on Anahita 1.6 Embryo

The last quarter of 2011 was mainly focused on developing the Anahita 1.6 codebase. We really wanted to have the 1.6 Embryo and 1.7 Birth release ready last year, but more work was required. We are very close to an Embryo release ready and we really would like to use it to power website for a while before we package it as a 1.7 Birth release. That requires a lot of detailing and polishing that needs to be done. For example just last night we realized that the base class for the Anahita modules (not apps don’t confuse the two) yet need to be implemented. Small work, but all these small works eventually add up.

Celebrating 11000 Code Commits

Since Nov. 21st that we hit 11K code commits to the Anahita code repository, the development has been going at a steady pace. We even worked through the holiday seasons and during the past 7 weeks we have done close to 1000 more commits (currently standing at 11993) and we will be celebrating the 12K commits very soon.

Starting Anahita Hangouts and Podcasts

With the advent of Google+ and Google Hangout we decided to try answering some of our Premium Tribe member’s questions during video chat sessions. Very quickly many people signed up to the point that we had to schedule 3 different sessions These sessions are completely unscripted wehere Anahita Premium Tribe members can ask us any questions on the spot and Ash and I do our best to answer them. These sessions are recorded and published with minimal editing as podcasts (Subscribe to the iTunes Feed here). We often start a session as a Q&A formats, but when time allows, then they turn into round table discussions where we discuss different topics regarding Anahita, Community Management, Current affairs in the technology and social networking market in general. We have produced 3 episodes so far. The next episode will be published this Monday January the 16th. We would like to have a new episode every 2 weeks. Let’s see how that goes.

Wrapping Up 2011

Since last January that made the Anahita 1.5 Birth release available we have been using the same codebase to power for providing support, managing about 14 projects, and run our day to day business operations. We really take pride in that. In our experience, using a social networking environment to deliver service and support has clearly proven to be a superior option over support tickets and traditional discussion boards that are being used by many companies these days. Perhaps because communications on social network happen in a far more intuitive and organic fashion.

So no bragging rights for us yet until we have the Anahita 1.6 Embryo and 1.7 Birth releases ready for you. In the mean time in order to stay updated about the Anahita project:

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