Anahita Podcast Episode 5

Today's morning coffee #coffee #moka #espresso

Here comes the Anahita Hangout podcast episode 5 where we discuss so many topics on building and monetizing social networks. I have posted a picture of my coffee maker, because during this hangout session I was going through a caffein withdrawal and you can perhaps notice it in my speech pattern half way through the hour. Next time I will do a hangout with my cup of coffee next to me.


Nevertheless Ash and I had a great time hanging out with @Magnus, @Ravi, and @Kameron discussing the following topics:

  1. How to create different user roles in Anahita while building a real estate social network.
  2. What are Anahita Actors ?
  3. What are the options to fund a social business and social network ? Advertisement, Freemium/Premium model, getting sponsors, building a company to exit.
  4. Book Introduction: “Early Exits” by Basil Peters – Exit Strategies from Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (But Maybe Not Venture Capitalists)
  5. Anahita is more than just code. Our goal is for website to become and online startup hub and a place for people to get all the tools they need to build and launch their businesses.
  6. What is Ohanah Event Engine? Will there be an Anahita Events app ? How can one develop their own event app?
  7. Where can Anahita Tribe members post information about their Anahita related projects and links?
  8. Will there be a chat feature in Anahita? What will it take to develop real time communication for a social network?
  9. Mobile connectivity is one of the main focuses of Anahita project this year.
  10. What would be the best way to familiarize yourself with the Anahita code?
  11. What are Alpha, Embryo, and Birth releases in Anahita and why are those terms used instead of Alpha, Beta, and RC when releasing the Anahita software?
  12. Is blogging being replaced by micro-blogging and more realtime methods?

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