Anahita 3Q Report

Although late it is time to post our 3rd quarterly report. We have been spending most of the the last 3 month on development of 2 upcoming major releases of Anahita and I didn’t want to start this report until one major milestone was met. We are there now so here we go:

1. Anahita 1.6 Alpha Is In The Trunk

Developing the Anahita 1.6 codebase is where we invested most of our time during the last quarter. Anahita social networking engine reached the alpha state last week. Anahita 1.6 is not just the 1.5 with more features. In fact we have rewritten parts of the Anahita Library from ground up such as the Domain libraries where all the communication with the database is happening. We have also made improvements at the DNA level that open up a world of new opportunities to the Anahita developers. The 1.6 version of Anahita libraries is faster, more efficient, and more developer friendly while containing about %16 less code. To learn more read: Anahita 1.6 Alpha is Ready

2. Five major apps have been updated for the 1.6 codebase

We have also upgraded the Anahita™ Groups, Discussions, Photos, Todos, and Pages for the Anahita codebase. The new apps contain up to %46 percent less code. They are available in the 1.6-branch in the Anahita code repository as examples for our Premium members to update their custom Anahita extensions and apps.

Anahita 1.6 Apps

RED: is the 1.6 release – BLUE: is the 1.5 release

3. Gold and Executive Premium Plans Introduced

A lot of Anahita premium members are technology startups who are developing a software as a service or niche market social networks. Sometimes they have questions that they cannot post and share on our public and premium groups or they require code reviews and asstance with planning a better developing strategy. That is why we introduced the Anahita Premium Gold and Executive plans that provide all the benefits of the Premium Platinum plan plus a number of private consulting hours at discounted rate. You can learn more about the Anahita Premium Gold and Executive plans here

4. Development of Anahita’s Own Visual and HTML editors

In order to facilitate publishing richer content and communication we needed to have our own visual and html editor API. The existing rich text editors are mainly developed for CMS software and they are not quite suitable and secure for a social networking environment. That is why we invested some time writing our own editor library using mootools and TinyMCE. The ability to use visual and html editors significantly improved the user experience for posting comments on discussion topics and publishing documentation pages.

Anahita Visual Editor

Anahita HTML Editor

5. Celebrated 10k code commits

On on september 1st we celebrated the 10,000 code commits to the Anahita code repository. We are now very close to reach the 11K commits and that means there will be promotions and rewards on the way for the existing Premium members as well as those of you who would like to sign up as Premium members. So please stay tuned!

What’s Next

Our current focus is to reach the Anahita 1.6 Embryo release which is all the functionality of Anahita 1.5 but on the new codebase with some sparse new features. We will be using the Embryo release for a while to power so we can further polish and debug the software. Then the stable codebase will become the Anahita 1.7 Birth release. That’s right there won’t be a 1.6 Birth release which is why we have considered the 1.6 to be a transitional release from 1.5 to 1.7. The Anahita 1.7 will be the second major leap since the beginning of 2010 and it will be a great start for developing cutting edge social networking service and technologies in 2012.

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