The lovely folks who supply our caffeine

The lovely folks who supply my caffeine
The folks who supply our caffeine - Awesome Eric on the left and Lovely Lesley on the right

The gentlemen on the left is Awesome Eric and there is no limit to his awesomeness. Lovely Lesley on the right is a sweetheart and she makes cafe lattes to die for! If any more people should get credit for the work that is going into the Anahita™ code are these guys who keep us well caffeinated and happy every day so we can write code that will liberate the world.

I truly think that more software developers should give credits to those who supply their coffee or tea. Both Ash and I have spent many many days working from the JJBean at the Davie and Homer street in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have earned the title of being the odd couple who argue over architectural aspects of this peculiar project called Anahita. The two geeks who constantly raise their voices and get all passionate talking about nodes, graphs, stories, community management, business models, etc.

The funny part is that we actually have a beautiful work studio right across the street which we use only for client meetings and meetings in general. I personally despise working in quiet and contained work space. I love working from coffee shops where I am surrounded by happy and motivated people that I don’t know.

It is also fair to say that we don’t get many sunny days in Vancouver. Hot summer days last only 2 or 3 months, so whenever it is  possible I insist on leaving the office or home to find a funky and cool coffee shop spot that keeps me inspired so I can code and answer questions on the Anahitapolis. The JJBean at the Davie and Homer is one of my most favorite spots especially on days when Awesome Eric and Lovely Lesley are working there.

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