Anahita™ Pages Birth Release Is Available For Download

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library – photo by MostNonTriumphant

In the age of twitter micro blogging and facebook status updates we still need to publish documents and articles that are more than just 145 characters long.


Anahita™ Pages - List

We have a new addition to the collection of Anahita™ social apps. Using the Anahita™ Pages, people and group administrators can publish articles, documents, and instructions for their followers. They can also allow the followers to collaborate on creating and editing pages.


Anahita™ Pages - Edit Page with Visual Editor

While you are composing and editing the content of a page, this app keeps track of the revisions for you. A page can always be restored to one of the previous revisions by the profile owner or administrator.


Anahita™ Pages - Comments

People can leave comments on a page and participate in discussions.


Anahita™ Pages - Visual Editor

Anahita™ Pages provides a very user friendly visual editor so you can easily format your content. For those of you who are familiar with html language, there is also an HTML editor which you can use.

How Can I Download This Social App?

If you are a Premium Tribe member, you can download the Anahita™ Pages via the Bazaar in the administration back-end of your Anahita installation or just download an installation package from the download page.

If you are not a Premium Tribe member you can sign up here