New Premium Tribe Plans for Anahitapolis Members

Anahita™ Core team enjoying the last bit of summer
Anahita™ Core team enjoying the last bit of summer

We realized that some of our premium members had specific questions regarding their Anahita related projects which they were not comfortable to ask on our Premium groups. These questions often have to do with topics such as:

  1. developing a strategy to start and grow a social networking project
  2. code reviews
  3. learning to develop and customize Anahita, social apps, and extensions
  4. seeding a new community and community management tips

We can understand that, some of the questions of business nature are better asked during a private consulting session. To meet those needs we are now offering 3 types of Premium Tribe plans: Platinum, Gold, and Executive.

New Anahita Premium Plans

The Premium Platinum is pretty much the same as the old Premium Tribe plan that we’ve been offering. The Premium Gold and Executive plans are bundled with consulting hours. With the purchase of a Gold plan you will also receive 2 hours of private consulting time with one of the Anahita core team members over Skype, phone, or in person (if you live in Vancouver, BC, Canada). Likewise the Executive plan provides 12 consulting hours. You can spend these hours whenever you like during your 12 months membership period.

To create a better value the bundled consulting fees are added at a discounted rate compare to our regular consulting fees.

You can purchase Premium Platinum and Gold memberships by paying online using our subscriptions management system. For the Executive plan however you need to fill out and submit an inquiry form. We will contact you within 24 hours, email you an invoice and schedule your first consulting session once we receive your payment.



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