Anahita™ Todos 1.0 Birth release is now available

Anahita™ Todos

That’s right we have another birth release to announce. In fact now all the social apps that we have listed on the under the download menu have reached the birth release state. Anahita™ Todos is the most essential social app if you are doing project management on your Anahita powered social network.

Problem with the traditional project management systems

Many of us have been using online collaboration and project management tools for a while now. They have been a great improvement over archaic tools that people were forced into using in the corporate world. In the mean time these tools still inherit some of the bureaucracy and the hierarchal approach of the traditional work places where a centralized leadership assigns work to all the team members and makes sure that work is delivered on time according to the plan. These applications and services provide a good list of features for hiding, controlling, and literally managing everything where the goals and vision of the project are all predetermined and carefully scripted.

If you are following a completely agile and fluid workflow, all those tools of hide and control really get on your way. There is also another problem with the traditional project management systems: they may allow collaboration amongst a limited number of people let’s say 5 or 10, however they are definitely not social! In fact they fails to perform if you are populating and consuming your to-do lists as you are moving towards the general vision of the project and they certainly won’t allow you to incorporate the wisdom of the crowds into the process of planning, building, and distributing your products and services.

How projects are managed on Anahitapolis

Let me give you an insight of how projects are managed on Anahitapolis. We are currently managing about 12 projects using the default Anahita™ Groups profiles and Anahita™ Photos, Discussions, Todos, and Pages installed on them.

A Project Group on Anahitapolis

Our premium tribe members can choose to follow the projects that they are interested in, receive story updates on their dashboards, comment on the to-do items and milestones, participate in the discussions, provide feedback, report bugs, etc. In this fashion people can observe how every milestone is reached from idea to implementation. Our project management groups are also the places that more technical and programming related questions are answered or any technical related discussions about the future releases happen.

Anahita Todos - story update

We don’t really  post project roadmaps. We keep a long term vision in mind while plan only for the next 2-3 weeks. Todo-lists are populated as we start developing and implementing code and as they get accomplished we close them.

Anahita Todos | Inline editing of a to-do item

Every time that to-do items are closed they are announced on the group’s story feed and all the followers get to see them on their dashboards.

Can none premium members see an example too?

Of course! The Anahita™ Todos app is available as an installable option on all the Anahitapolis people profiles. If you sign up for a basic account on you get experiment with Anahita Todos on your profile. However this will never compare to what our premium members see on how this application is being used on our project groups in combination with the other apps such as discussions, photos, and pages. This an examples of how the total combination apps becomes greater than the sum of individual apps.

How can we download Anahita™ Todos

You can either go to the Anahita ™ Todos download page or if you are using the latest release of the Anahita™ Social Networking Engine, simply go to the administration back-end of your Anahita installation under Extend > Bazaar and simply install the Anahita ™ Todos by clicking on the install link.

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