Anahita 2nd Quarter Update

Planning World Liberation over Sushi
Ash and I planning world liberation over sushi

It has been slightly more than 3 months since I posted the first quarterly report on April 8th 2011. Just recently Ash and I were recovering from a nasty case of flu which is why this blog post is posted a few weeks late. We are back on the saddle now moving forward to reach the upcoming milestones.

Last year this time we were busy rewriting the Anahita Framework based on the NGS (Nodes-Graphs-Stories) architecture. Many existing social networking projects only mimic the behaviour and feature-set of social networking services such as facebook and myspace but under the hood, they do not actually follow the correct architecture of a social network. They provide an initial start, however overtime they fail to scale, grow, and evolve like a social network should.

To solve this problem our goal was to create a developer friendly social networking engine based on the correct NGS architecture. We accomplished our goal successfully and the first Birth release of Anahita was made available in late January 2011 to our Premium and First Tribe members. Today you can download Anahita™ for free as free beer and the code is 100% open source. Anahita Social apps and extensions are distributed via our Premium Tribe membership plan.

1. 16 updates of Anahita™ Social Networking Engine

We’ve had 16 minor birth releases of Anahita since April 8th. At every stage more bugs were resolved and improvements were made in small bits. Applying Anahita updates is nothing horrific similar to Joomla where people had to download specific patches and do FTP uploads on the server.

To update an Anahita installation, all it takes is to upload a zip file package in the administration back-end. Even better, by the advent of Anahita™ Bazaar technology, the site super admins can apply updates by click of a button in the administration back-end.

2. Anahita™ Bazaar delivers apps and updates

Unlike CMS technologies, social networking software has to constantly change and evolve. This also means applying a lot of regular updates. We have developed the Anahita Bazaar technology which allows one-click update and install of Anahita social networking engine, apps and extensions. Anahita Bazaar delivers fresh code to you directly from code repositories.

3. Over 9000 code commits until today

Just recently we celebrate 9000 code commits to the Anahita repository. 1000 commits have been done since the beginning of April 2011.

4. Anahita™ Todos Birth Release

We developed and released Anahita™ Todos social app as a Birth release by taking out the task manager out of the Anahita™ Projects app and making it available as an individual installable social app on the People and Groups profiles. By installing the Anahita Todos with the Discussions, Photos, and Pages apps on a group profile, you get yourself a project management group. In fact this is how we are managing over 12 projects on the

I must remind you that the Anahita™ Projects has been discontinued after the release of Anahita Todos app.

5. Anahita™ Connect Birth Release

Anahita™ Connect reached the Birth release on May 20th. This social app, according to one of our Premium Members, is being used 90% of the time for registering and authenticating users on his social networks. Same is true for members who are logging on

Anahita™ Connect is the OAuth implementation for Anahita™ and it provides a list of very useful features such as easy registration based on an existing profile on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, one-click authentication, as well as ability to post a story update from an Anahita powered social network to other supported social networking services.

6. Anahita™ Invites Embryo Release

We have revived the Anahita™ Invites app and currently using an Embryo release on the The focus of the new social app is:

  • inviting your followers to follow the group you have just created.
  • inviting a limited number of people to join the Anahita powered social network that you are on by sending out emails.

For the time being this social app is quite simple and we are improving it as it is being used by the Anahitapolis tribe members.

7. Anahita™ Pages Embryo Release

This app was developed in the month of July out of the need to write documentation for our software projects. Ability to publish html pages in a social network is nothing as sexy as geo-location, event management, real-time chat or video, but it is one of those apps that we can’t do without. I’d say it is perhaps as important as ability to publish books in any literate society.

Anahita™ Pages is currently being used on where the premium members can contribute and edit pages. All pages can be commented on and revisions are maintained. We are expecting to have a Birth release next month.

8. Anahita™ reveals her dark side

The Anahita™ Shiraz template now has 2 variations of Dark and Light themes for those who prefer the dark side of Anahita for their social network.

Anahita™ Shiraz is a minimalist and generic template that is shipped with the Anahita™ Social Networking Engine by default. It can be used either on a live site as it is or as a blueprint and reference for developing custom templates for Anahita.

9. Public read access to the Atrium group

Since the 4th of July we have decided to provide public read-only access to the free groups on Anahitapolis. This may not apply to all the free groups on Anahitapolis website, however the content of groups such as  the Atrium and the Art of Community are now available to public.

The Upcoming Milestones

The past 3 months have been quite productive and we have grown quite a bit from being a project with a donation box to an online supplier of social networking infrastructure. A number of our premium members have already launched their Anahita powered social networks and since our public launch in late January we have gathered lots of great feedbacks from the great and supportive members in the Anahita tribes.

Our focus is currently to deliver the next major releases of Anahita social networking engine and apps. Basically whatever knowledge and experience that we have gathered in the past 6 month is going to become part of the next releases of Anahita code.

We’ve always had a policy of build first and brag later! As soon as the next releases are ready we will tell you more about them. For now don’t forget to:


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