Anahita 1.5.9 Birth Release available for download

The new release of Anahita™ social networking engine 1.5.9 Birth release is now available so download Anahita™ for free. The release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes. We have also added the Anahita™ Bazaar feature which allows one-click install and update of Anahita™ social networking engine, apps, and extensions. You need to have a valid Premium Tribe membership to install or updates your premium Anahita™ apps and extensions. Updates for the Anahita are free.

Anahita Bazaar

Upgrading from an older release of Anahita™

Make a back up of your Anahita files and database

Please note: since you still don’t have the Bazaar feature in your older installation you have to do this upgrade the old fashion way. After this update you can use the Bazaar to update your Anahita installation or any of your apps and extensions.

Download the Anahita™ update package and save it on your desktop. Then go to the administration back-end of your Anahita installation. Under Extend > Install/Uninstall select and upload the update package. You will see a prompt that tells you the upgrade has been successful.

If you are using the Anahita™ Shiraz template you should know that the Anahita Update package does not include template update. So download the latest Anahita Shiraz template, then in the administration back-end go to the Extend > Install/Uninstall and select and upload the latest shiraz package.

Anahita™ Changelog

The following is the change log for the latest release of Anahita.

===Version ===
# Fix IE7-8-9 Javascript problem

===Version ===
# Fix the IE7 form bug by adding Element.Properties.action.set method
# Removed queries related to private messaging that caused errors JTableUser:263, UsersViewUser:55

===Version ===
# Fixed typo wwww.anahitapolis to www.anahitapolis
# Removed harcoded jos_ prefix in ComSocialengineModelExtension
# The custom installer will not abort

===Version 1.5.9 ===
# Fixed the version number

===Version ===
# Media node models now incorporate the published field in a way that only the actor admins and authors can see the unpublished media nodes.
# Added Bazaar Installer
# Updated Gantry to 3.1.14

# Fixed the issue with the modal used in the actor avatar upload.

Need Support?

If you had support related questions please sign up for the Anahita™ Premium Tribe plan. Premium tribe members also get download access to all the Anahita™ social apps and help resources.

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  1. @Robin yes! By Updating Anahita we mean all the ingredients used in building Anahita will be updated too. Naturally, the Nooku framework will be updated as well.

  2. Can someone with just the basic understanding of html and some css get this up and running? To customize it, what kinds of knowledge or background would the developers I would need to hire have to have? Thanks.

  3. @max if you know how to install a copy of Joomla!, WordPress, or Drupal on a server, you know just about enough to install a copy of Anahita too.

  4. @Rastin, okay. To customize it, the devs would need experience in html, css, js, php, mysql? As you can tell, I’m not a dev. 🙂

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