Anahita ™ Todos has replaced Anahita ™ Projects

How do we find time to enjoy our cappuccinos? we use Anahita ™ Todos!

We have successfully started using the Anahita ™ Todos social app on Anahitapolis website for managing todos and milestones in all of our projects. There is also an Embryo release package available for download. We are going to use this social app for a while on the and pretty soon there will be Birth release available to you once we find it stable enough to be used on your live social networks.

Anahita ™ Todos is replacing the Anahita ™ Projects which was initially developed as the project management social app for Anahita and we have been using it since Nov. 2010 to manage about 10 projects on

Anahita ™ Projects was basically a custom groups with features to handle to-do items, to-do lists, and milestones. Back then we thought this app would evolve and specialize as a project management tool. After several months of using it, we realized that we were maintaining two social apps, Anahita Groups and Projects, which were mostly identical in terms of providing groups functionality. There was no point in maintaining two codebase with mostly similar aspects! So a better approach was to instead improve the Anahita ™ Groups app and then develop the Anahita ™ Todos which is now installable on both groups and people profiles.

There is always such a grace in simplicity!

I really would like to write more about how projects are managed in Anahitapolis community. A lot of people still wonder how 2 people get to manage and develop 10 projects and still find free time to enjoy their cappuccinos! That’s because solutions built on a social networking engine such as Anahita™ put your productivity and communication on steroids or shall I say on good wholesome caffeine!

If we can do it, so can you. So sign up as  Premium Tribe Member and start building the foundations of your business on the next generation of productivity and communication tools that Anahita™ provides.