Anahita™ Birth release available for download

The new release of Anahita™ social networking engine Birth release is available for download and yes from now on you can download Anahita™ for free. The release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Upgrading from an older release of Anahita™

Make a back up of your Anahita files and database

Download the Anahita™ update package and save it on your desktop. Then go to the administration back-end of your Anahita installation. Under Extend > Install/Uninstall select and upload the update package. You will see a prompt that tells you the upgrade has been successful.

If you are using the Anahita™ Shiraz template you should know that the Anahita Update package does not include template update. So download the latest Anahita Shiraz template, then in the administration back-end go to the Extend > Install/Uninstall and select and upload the latest shiraz package.

Anahita™ Changelog

The following is the change log for the latest release of Anahita.

# Fix the closing of avatar modal in FireFox 5
+ Added @plugin alias to the template
# Fixed the story privacy issue
# Temporary story privacy fix that allowed viewing stories from a leader whose profile is not visible to the followers
# Added scoial plugin in the actor's profile
+ custom prompt messages have been added for the subscribe and unsubscribe actions
# Commment not ediable by the medium owner
# the humanized relative date string for diff < 1 - references to the Joomla! translation resources have been removed from the last page of the installation workflow. ^ Anahita log has been updated in the installation workflow ^ New branding has been applied to the com_socialengine admin side

Anahita™ Shiraz Changelog

The following is the change log for the latest release of Anahita™ Shiraz template

===Version 1.4===
^ all logos now updated according to the new branding: Social Networking Engine
^ template description has been updated

Need Support?

If you had support related questions please sign up for the Anahita™ Premium Tribe plan. Premium tribe members also get download access to all the Anahita™ social apps and help resources.