Anahita™ Celebrating 9K Code Commits – Discount Coupons, Free Code, and more for you

Vancouver - False Creek pano 02
False Creek, Vancouver Downtown – Photo by Joe Mabel

Greetings from the beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Anahita™ team is celebrating 9000 code commits to the Anahita repository. To give you an idea that is over 3000 hours of work done by 2 people (Ash and Myself). Our code is distributed under the GPL license and it gives you freedom that proprietary software doesn’t. This is the 3000+ hours that you will be ahead when you use Anahita to build the infrastructure of your social networking project.

As the tradition goes in our community, we usually do a little celebration for every 1000 code commits. Here are some goodies for you:

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Use the coupon code 9kmilestone when you sign up for the Anahitapolis Premium Tribe plan and enjoy 20% off the regular price. There are only 5 coupons available. Last time that we gave out coupons, they went out really fast. So you may want to hurry up!

Extended membership time for the Premium and First Tribe members

All the existing Anahita Premium and First Tribe members receive 3 extra months added to their membership period for free. I believe this is the 2nd time this year that we have done that. Isn’t that a great deal? In fact, this is a small appreciation for the tremendous support that people in the Anahitapolis community have been providing us.

Thank you for providing us feedbacks, bug reports, encouraging words and taking the time to answer each other’s questions when Ash and I were busy coding … you guys have been wonderful to us!

Download Anahita™ For Free

From today you can download the Anahita™ Social Networking Engine for free. Yes that is free as free beer. We would like to borrow a phrase from the good folks at WordPress: “It is both free and priceless!”

Anahita™ provides you the platform and framework to build and host social applications following the correct Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture. It is done right. It is open source. It is specially made for developing custom social apps. We are using it to power our own operation. You can learn how to use it too.

Do you need Support? Sign up for the Premium Plan

If you want support sign up for the Premium Tribe plan. With the equivalent price of 2 hours consulting fee, you get 1 years of support and access to the entire Anahitapolis resources. So It is a great value!

Knowing that, please do not email us your support questions! We only answer support related questions on the Anahitapolis support groups or if you make a consulting appointment with us through the Purplerat Tribe of Companies.

Signing up with the Premium Tribe plan, you will be interacting with us and other members, you can  learn all about Anahita™ technology, social app development, community growth and management, business development and much more! Think of Anahitapolis as your launchpad for your next social networking business idea.

What’s Next

We have a Birth release and Embryo release coming up for two Anahita™ social apps.

Stay tuned!